Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Arizona

Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Arizona

Home of the world famous Grand Canyon, Arizona is a state of U.S.A which is popularly known for its consistent sunny climate, hot summers, and moderate winters. Arizona is sixth largest state of United States of America and it was the 48th state to join the union. Arizona is also home to many national parks and national forests and national monuments.

Quite a few Native American Tribes are resided in the Indian reservations which is spread across about one-quarter of the entire state.

Here are ten must see places for all people who are visiting Arizona or want to plan a tour of the state.

10. Heard Museum

The Heard Museum is housing a large collection of native american artifacts and artworks and is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The museum has a theatre, an auditorium and it is famous for more than four hundred pieces of art and ancient artifacts.

The Heard Museum showcases paintings, photographs, textiles, sculptures, Kachina Dolls, Native American jewelry and much more for the visitors to see. Visitors to the museum also have the chance of hands-on experience of pottery, basketry and weaving. The Heard Museum is also respected for its festivals and learning programs.

Heard Museum

9. Jerome

An old mining town which is now abandoned and turned into a tourist attraction, Jerome is situated high above the desert floor along a mountainside. Visitors can find good restaurants and amusing stores on the main street of the town which is a steep hill switchbacks, and offers amazing views of the area.

The town has an interesting dynamic with some old buildings that stand as ruins while most of the other building have been renovated. Interesting spots to visit in Jerome include the Sliding Jail built in 1928, the Jerome Grand Hotel opened in 1927 and ruins of Bartlett Hotel.


8. Canyon De Chelly National Monument

Part of the National Park Services, the Canon de Chelly National Monument was set up in 1931. This park contains amazing cliff dwellings and in 1849 a structure called the white house was discovered in the amazing Spider Rock formations and it is believed to be built in c.1050. There are over a hundred more dwellings like these in the Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

Antelope House is another famous cliff dwelling and so is the Mummy cave which are located in the Canyon del Muerto. Visitors can enjoy different guided tours and walks of the area and they can also visit the archaeological museum in the Visitor Centre which is very informative.

Canyon De Chelly National Monument

7. Hoover Dam

Located on the Colorado River between the borders of Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam is considered a great example of american engineering greatness. The main purpose of the construction of the Hoover Dam was to control floods, provide water for irrigation and electricity. Hoover Dam was built during the great depression of the 1930s.

Hoover Dam is a big tourist attraction with places like Lake Mead, the 110 miles long, largest artificial lake in the United States which was formed due to the construction of the dam. The lake holds a massive amount of water which is estimated to be the equal to two years of Colorado River’s flow.

Hoover Dam

6. Sedona

Almost at an hours drive out of Phoenix and situated among buttes and red rock mountains and a spectacular setting is the town of Sedona. The town of Sedona is considered an extremely spiritual place by many people due to its energy vortexes.

Sedona has amazing natural formations like the Coffeepot and Thunder Mountain and Cathedral rock. Sedona offers everything from spiritual retreats to wineries and from museums to art galleries. Visitors can also enjoy a host of activities like hiking, fishing, camping, biking etc.


5. Saguaro National Park

The Saguaro National Park serves as a protector of the American West’s symbol, the giant saguaro cactus and it consists of over ninety one thousand acres in the Sonoran desert in Tucson, Arizona.

The park has other attractions like many historic sites, prehistoric petroglyphs and a diverse wildlife. Activities like hiking, picnicking and scenic drives are popular among visitors.

Saguaro National Park

4. Havasu Falls

The Havasu Falls are the property of the Havasupai Tribe and this beautiful waterfall is one of the most showcased and photographed waterfall to appear in TV and magazines. The Havasu waterfall is made up of one cataract which falls 36 meters (120 feet) into a pool which has blue-green water. The red canyon wall makes a great contrast with the blue-green waters of the waterfall.

Visitors can arrange relaxing picnics under the shady cottonwood trees and picnic tables are also available that surround the waterfall. Other alternative and more thrilling way to reach the waterfall is by an 8 mile hike, horse ride or helicopter ride.

Havasu Falls

3. Monument Valley

The famous Monument Valley is located between the borders of Arizona and Utah. The amazing landscape consist of buttes, sharp rock formations and sand dunes. This is undoubtedly the most famous classical American Wild West and a lot of movies have been filmed here from Stagecoach to Back to the Future II.

Visitors have the option to tour the landscape while driving themselves or they can take guided tours. Photography tours are also offered in the area and for some nothing is better than the just sitting and appreciating the views.

Monument Valley

2. Glen Canyon National Recreational Area

The Glen Canyon National Recreational Area consists of amazing stone walls, blue water and desert landscape. The area also has one of america’s largest man made lakes, Lake Powell. Page is a local town in the area and it serves as a great starting point for the exploration of the surrounding area.

One of the most famous attractions of the area is slot canyons of Antelope Canyon. Visitors can take a walk through a thin slot canyon with holes of light penetrating from the top, lighting up the red walls of the canyon.

Glen Canyon National Recreational Area

1. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in undoubtedly one of the most well known landscapes of the United States of America and is an enormous canyon which over several million years have been carved by the Colorado river. It is divided into two parts, one is a remote part called the North Rim, the other is a more accessible part called the South Rim.

The latest attraction is the skywalk with its glass-bottomed floor which offers mind blowing views. Other activities include hiking, white water rafting, biking fishing and helicopter tours.

Grand Canyon

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