Top 10 best places to visit in Russia

Top 10 best places to visit in Russia

They say that Russia isn’t a place for tourist and there is nothing to see. Well it’s pretty wrong because Russia has a history and it has historical places. Certainly Russia isn’t a romantic country like some europe countries, but it has a history and years old monuments. People who love history, religion and art must visit Russia. On the other hand, religious scholars has a plenty of information in preserved tombs, monuments of Russia from Middle ages. If you plan to visit Russia then go for these 10 places and you will find pretty amazing stuff there for your information.

10. Nizhny Novgorod

Shortly it is known as Nizhny, a beautiful city of Russia. It is the center of transportation, business, cultural center of Russia. It is 400 km away from Moscow. This City has one of the most advanced engineering and fortifications of his time. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin was built in 1515. It is located on the right bank at the confluence of two major rivers, the Volga and the Oka. It has always been a great trade center of Russia and there was no permanent bridge on rivers, which were built later in 1919. Trade fair used temporary bridges which connects the places of residence and business.


9. Pskov

Every city of Russia is the oldest and Pskov is one of them. Exact translation of the word “Pskov” means Town of Purling waters in Russian language. If history can be recalled, it is mentioned in 903 records. Its first prince was Vladimir the Great’s youngest son Sudislav. He has an amazing story of his life, imprisoned by Yaroslav, his brother and then he never came out of prison alive. Since ancient times, a favorable geographical position of the city promoted a good trade, but it required a reliable protection, which ensures the thick walls and mighty towers. Pskov is located at the confluence of two rivers, on the high rocky shore. In the city and nearby surrounding area, there are other historical monuments worthy of attention.


8. Veliky Novgorod

It has different names like Novgorod Veliky, Novgorod the Great and Novgorod. The oldest surviving city of Russia. It has some stories in chronicles of 1044 but in 859, Sofia chronicles mentions it too. It is situated on the left bank of small river Volkhov. It is a well preserved city, being very ancient, it has historic monuments like other cities of Russia. Its preservation was made by architectural and engineering fortification. This city holds a castle which has a road that connects it with the city. A must visit city of Russia. St. Sophia Cathedral is the oldest in Russia, a historical place built around 1050, in which Vladimir is buried. It is the best preserved place of middle ages. This city is also known as the city of churches.


7. Sochi

Sochi is a city of Russia where Olympic games held last year in 2014. This city is located the Coast of Black sea. Only few places in Russia has Subtropical climate and Sochi is one of them, that makes it the best place for tourists. Besides Beaches, resorts, hotels there are many beautiful buildings of Stalin era. Modern sports buildings are the main treasure of this city. This city has four city districts known as Khostinsky, Adlersky, Tsentralny and Lazarevsky capital. It has Michael Archangel Cathedral, a church built in 1891. Sochi Arboretum is a botanical garden with some special kind of tropical trees, collected from different countries of the world. This garden a special tree known as ‘Tree of Friendship’. If you recall Middle ages, Byzantine Empire brought christianity to make countries including Russia, while few percent Muslims are living in it but the majority belongs to christians.


6. Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk is surrounded by mountains from every side of the city. Well it is a small town in Russia, which is located between two seas, Caspian and Black. It is known as ‘Russia’s pollution free city’, because unique walking trails, mineral waters, plentiful sunlight and dry air is available free of cost. People with health issue should visit this place once. It has a biggest National park. The wall of this city is made of mountains, so when night falls, a thick and majesty snow covered the city which makes it more prettier. Mountains have sediment rocks but this city has something more, which is a rock of mineral water salts. In 1803, Alexander 1 built this city which was a military station.


5. Peterhof

It is the major tourist center, located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. It was built in 1710 as the imperial country residence. This city has parks, fountains, bright landmarks and of course Peterhof Palace which was built on the order of Peter the Great. Well these palaces have other common name is russia, namely ‘Russian Versailles’. Peter’s daughter extended the palace later and then fountains and parks were made. There is a famous Fountain ‘The fountain of Peterhof’ and Monplaisir, which is Peter’s original palace and Marly Palace is another place of royal importance. Visit this city and you will be amazed to see the combination of beauty and art in sculptors, streets, dust and trees.


Peterhof Interior
Peterhof Interior

4. Yaroslavl Quay

Best known as the temple of love a Gold ring of Russia, it is a city Yaroslavl , which is located at the bank of Volga river. Yolga is a river a bit vast and older while a small river falls into it known as Kotorosl. This city came into being by a famous prince Yaroslav. It is said, this city was built in the honor of his wisdom. Yaroslav was a price so he captured the territory and Yaroslavl city became his conquered place. It has a capital of Apanage Princedom. Now Yaroslavl is a region of administration. Its distance from Moscow is 300 Km, which is the largest transport center. It has 2 railway stations, airport and river station. It is known as the most beautiful city of Russia, well groomed and decorated with art.


3. Kazan

Kazan is often called the third capital of Russia and it has a pretty good reason for this name. But it does not concede neither Moscow nor Petersburg. It has a tower and the main mosque which makes this city a place for diverse cultures and bilingual residents are living in peace among atheist, agnostics and nihilists. Mosque is the real decoration of the city. This city has really something to see and you cannot say, it has nothing like people say about Russia. This city is adjacent to beautiful rivers Volga and Kazanka. Kremlin is the best place for architect lover and craft lovers.


2. The bridges in St. Petersburg

City of saint petersburg is the oldest city of Russia. Being oldest it is the historical part of the country. It has hermitage museum, peter and paul fortress, saint isaac cathedral and church of the savior. It is certainly the brightest city of Russia, In wrm july it welcomes tourists from all over the world to see its beauty, night life, historical places and religious monuments. Photo fortress was built during Swedish attacks or to defend those attacks. The very first wooden house to be built in St. petersburg is The Cabin of Peter the Great. It has been the home of Peter in 1703 and it is preserved till now. This city has a stock exchange and Rostral Columns with St. Petersburg University which was built in 1740. The Hermitage is one of the largest and impressive art collection. The bronze horseman and the most famous Blue bridge.


1. Red Square and Kremlin

The first place to visit in Russia is Moscow Kremlin. Moscow is a crowded city with a loud and foggy noise but it is a city of Red Square, Wall & Tower, Old fortress near Kremlin and still more noteworthy buildings like historical museum, Grand theatre and Hotel Metropol. Red Square is known as the Soul of Russia, well it is the heart of Russia too. Kremli was built in 16th century by architects from outside of Russia. Which has been the residence of Great Prince and no doubt it is the religious center of the country. Red Square is a monument like St Basil’s Basilica which are known as Orthodox monuments of Russia.

Moscow, Red Square

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