Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Europe in 2016

Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Europe in 2016

They say, Visit Europe once and you will visit it often. Europe has many places in different countries, specially the capitals of those bright and beautiful cities, to be visited by tourists. People who love wisdom travel to Greek cities, Athens or Sparta, art lovers travel to Parish and literary giants love Germany. Every person has a dream place to live, some people love the dark while others love the shadow of green woods alongside of the road. This top 10 city list of Europe is a roadmap for the ‘lovers of tourism’. Read it and then read it aloud, you will feel the pleasure of being there.

10. Budapest

The journey towards Budapest, only 2 hours from Paris, the Hungarian capital is one of the cheapest in Europe. Apart from the famous Chain Bridge, you can see the Hungarian Parliament, Fishermen’s Bastion, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and try the unusual experience of Szechenyi Spa. It is the capital of Hungary, the largest city of Hungary. Shabby district of Budapest is a must visit place for every tourist.


9. Prague

Prague is famous for being the capital of Czisch Republic. It has a beautiful nickname “the City of a Hundred Spires”. Prague and baroque Mala Strana, Charles Bridge, the castle. Getting to Prague is not that expensive, ideal for a romantic weekend in particular. Twenty tram lines serve the city, but it can also be explored on foot.


8. La Valette

Visit Valette in france, can be visit almost all the days through the year because the climate is fairly mild in winter. You can stroll along the city walls, see magnificent churches and learn more about the Knights of Malta. It is a city of great importance because of its easy roads, flat streets, about it they say, you can drink while dancing. Combination of beautiful landscapes and awesome modern world makes la valette most beautiful city in the europe.


7. Bruges

It is the capital of West flanders. Bruges is one of the most accessible cities in Belgium with a charm along the channels or the main square, is one of the most beautiful cities of Flanders. Among the curiosities, the museum fried and knots of Bruges. This city has a speciality, the old 17th century houses were converted into restaurants and that makes this city an amazing place for food lovers from all over the world. This city holds a port, which is important for business point of view and trade as well.


6. Dublin

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Opt for warmer seasons to get to Dublin. For lovers of literature Dublin is a must visit city of Europe. It is also a city that moves at night, in the Temple Bar area among others. Be sure to test the famous Irish beer Guinness. This city holds St. Patrick’s Cathedral founded in 1191, the oldest and antique monument of Dublin.


5. Zagreb

This city is the capital of Croatia. Culture is present also in Zagreb, a little less touristy than Dubrovnik and Split, the Croatian capital has many museums, a beautiful neo-Gothic cathedral and theaters. Taste the typical dish of the region: Strukli cheese. This city holds St. Mark’s Church, the oldest place here. It has Mimara museum, Art pavilion Zagreb and Museum of Broken Relationships.


4. Cracovie

This city is the neighbour of Czech Republic, a poland’s city, well preserved for jews monuments and traditions from medieval period. With a medieval heart of a UNESCO heritage city of Krakow is a must visit with its basilica Sainte Marie, the royal castle, and it is also a city of artists. You will discover the famous legend of the dragon that would have created the city.


3. Porto

Porto in Portuguese, also known as Oporto in english. It is the second largest city of Portugal. Lisbon city is pretty, but the Porto too! On the banks of the Douro, the historic heart of Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do not miss to visit the Sé Cathedral, the Tower of the Clerics, and taste the famous local wine of the same name.


2. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Hard to pronounce the name? Easily it is known as Santa Cruz. It is the capital of Canary Islands, the most beautiful spanish city near the sea. Northeast of the island of Tenerife, Santa Cruz is a concentrate of culture, nature, and architecture with towers of Santa Cruz, the auditorium. In addition to the beautiful beaches and sunshine all the year. Beautiful cityscapes and world’s most beautiful fountains makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. If you are planning to visit Europe in recent years Santa Cruz de Tenerife would be your 2nd best choice.


1. Athens

The Capital of Greek. Athens historic city of antiquity has its charms too, not just on the Acropolis, there remains much to do and a whole Greek culture to discover. Lots of museums to visit in Athens, both in art and history. This city has a tremendous history as It is the birthplace of many philosophers and the visit place of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. This is known to be the first democratic city of the world.


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