Top 10 Best Places To Visit In China

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In China

A famous arabic saying, ‘seek knowledge either you have to visit china’, is a place of ancient and unique buildings, monuments, preserved tombs and marvellous tradition. China has the most ancient culture and civilization in the world. Amazing thing about China isn’t its ultra modern tendency to fascinate the world but to preserve the beauty of the past along with Modern culture. There is knowledge in every walk inside a chinese building, which has been the center of religion or administration. Emperor ruled the country for many centuries and they are preserved as statues as they were living years ago. Here is a list of most attractive places in china.

1. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is a Chinese fortification built by the end of the 14th century until the beginning of the 17th century, during the Ming Dynasty, in order to protect China from raids by Mongol and Turkish tribes. Recent measurement shows that the wall stretches 8851.8 km, being the largest in dimensions human edifice.There is a myth that this wall is the only human construction visible from the moon. This myth has spread widely, and has become one of the most famous urban legends. Although a photographs taken from the international space station appears to confirm that the Great Wall can eventually become visible to the naked eye under certain favorable conditions.


2. The Potala Palace in Tibet

In the City of Lhasa in Tibet, a most amazing palace is known as The Potala Palace, which was designed as a living place of Dalai Lama, used as a fortress and it has been the center of Political authorities before being the center of religious authorities. There are few prominent places adjacent to it, the one is Red Palace, which was built in 17 century. Walls of Red palace depict the life of Dalai lama and Tibetan kings. These walls are really huge. Another place is White palace, built in 17th century, which is the study room of Dalai Lama but he left for Tibet and this place left untouched. There is Jewel Garden which is a part of living of Dalai Lama. Don’t be wrong, as this garden 90 acres long.


3. Historical Hangzhou West Lake

China has the wonderful historical places because it has the most ancient civilization and tradition. Ancient temples are common places in China like Hangzhou which is the capital of Zhejiang province. This area is surrounded by lakes and mountains along with marvellous west lake. This area can be travelled by foot to see the amazing ancient building divided in the region in five distinct parts. Alongside the lakes, peach trees decorate the environment in spring. These old lakes also has old bridges, the best bridge is known as Duangiao which means Broken bridge. This area also appeals to those who love to walk on zigzag bridges.

West Lake Pavilion and Water Lilies, Hangzhou

4. The Forbidden City and Imperial Palace, Beijing

Imperial palace is known as the forbidden city in Beijing, which is the biggest and ancient. This place came into being under the rule of Yuan Dynasty and it was built in 15th century. It has been the living place of Ming and Qing emperors. This building only entertains imperial family. It has 10 meter high wall and it covers 720,000 square meters area. This most amazing place has white marbles, Golden river Bridge, The hall of supreme harmony and the Banquet hall of Emperor. Forbidden city is an open place for tourists. This building has been used for administrative and ceremonial purposes in the past.

5. The Summer Palace

It is a place, fifteen km away from Beijing, the most most luxurious palace known as summer palace or Yihe Yuan. It has a part of 700 acres which is the most amazing and famous place in china. This palace was built in 12th century, which is the most ancient place in china and the lake associated with it was designed in 14th century. Renshou Dian, a magnificent Hall of prosperity, a grand theater which was built in 19th century, a 3 story building and attraction place for tourists. The most marvellous attractions includes, Hall of Happiness Le shou Tan with miles long picturesque walk trails.


6. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda breeding

Giant Panda is a place, never to miss if you are in China. As name shows, it is a place of civilized animals, it has zoos and fine fascinating creatures but this place is a breeding place for Panda production in Chengdu. It is located in Sichuan province. Here you will visit 80 pandas on trip to different locations. Animals lover enjoy the most fascinating tour by seeing living creatures like Panda around the place, to know more about them and to discover the animal habitual characteristics. In morning feeding session, the best time to see Pandas, as the look active and attractive.

7. Cruises on the River Lee

River lee is famous for its crystal clear water with beautiful landscape. It is situated in the town of Guilin. This is another ancient place in china, hundred of years old and unique. Poets and artists visit if often and it has been a joyful place for creative workers.This place has been associated with countless legends, people from all over the world love to visit the River lee. A place where river meanders is situated 80 km away, beautiful forests of Bamboo, dense reeds and romantic caves and rocks. Mountain of unique beauty, is the best place for tourists. Manage your time, it will take a day or several days to explore the beauty of River lee.


8. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou

It is one of the most important historical gardens of the world, a UNESCO World Heritage place. Suzhou is another historical city with magnificent gardens, founded in 11th century. This garden also known as lovely garden, which is the most preserved place in here. This park was designed and created in Ming Dynasty. It holds a swimming pool, artificial hills with lovely covered roads and the walls are fascinating marks carved with chinese traditions with 300 years old stones. Another famous place is Garden of Cang Lang Ting.


9. The Terracotta Army

It is without any doubt, china’s most important finding. Archaeologists traveled across the world to find The Terracotta Army, which has been a place of wells.This place was specially designed and built to guard the tomb of Emperor with a variety of horses and warriors. This is the place of statues now and many were rotten in time, beheaded by history but a lot were discovered and assembled and they are still standing to receive some reward from the emperor. Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum in here. You will be amazed to stood still before the army of deceased but living a statue life with horses.


10. Mausoleum of Light: The Northern Imperial Tomb

Some places are best depicted in their names. Mausoleum of Light situated in Shenyang city which is the center of cultural and commerce. It is also known as Imperial Tomb, which is the most beloved monument in china. This tomb is famous for its design and unique characteristics. It is the tomb of Huang Taiji, emperor in 17th century, it covers 180,000 square meter areas. In 8 years this tomb was completed. Famous buildings are, Government’s Roya Hall, House of Imperial throne.



  1. You might want to have a second look of your picture of the River Li (Lee!)…’ll find the one you’ve shown isn’t actually the one in Guilin!

  2. Really very beautiful places in China.

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