Top 10 Best Places To Visit in California

Top 10 Best Places To Visit in California

California is the most complete state of united states. There are beaches, mountains, lakes, ski slopes, scenic trains, spooky desserts and scenic trains. There are parts and you can find the most amazing and beautiful park, The National Parks in the Northern American country. These parks holds the largest trees of the world. There are modern and postmodern liberal cities, thousands of charming villages, famous theme parks and pacific ocean resident.


10. Gold County

About the west, there is a famous proverb ‘Go west, Young man!’. During the gold rush incident many inhabitants moved to the west and then Go west young man became a war cry for thousands of immigrants. This region has always been famous for Bandits, brothels and bloodsheds. Its walking trails, foothills are still under development but being a historical places, the treasure of Gold country is amazing with sleepy villages and abandoned mines. You can swim in the ponds or water rafting, do some jogging and mountain biking and taste some winter wine.

9. Travel at Amtrak

People who love to travel by car, State of california is the best place for them. If there is no possibility to buy a car then travel by train. Amtrak manages routes between cities, in adjacent villages and California. There routes will lead you to Lake Tahoe from San Francisco, Reno and Nevada. A day the coast starlight stops at Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis, Obispo, Salinas, San Jose, Reding and Dunsmuir, which is an amazing journey spots all around. Although the Pacific surfliner covers the San Diego routes. It is one of the best trips that can be performed in the state.


8. Lake Tahoe

The second deepest lake in Unites states is Lake Tahoe, famous for its green and blue reflections on the ground. This lake is the highest in the country. Its north shore is calm and smooth but the west bank is abrupt and filled with ancient smell. Few parts of the lake still undeveloped and one part of south is crowded with casinos and motels, where tourists stay and enjoy all night. There is a panoramic road encircling around the lake. Lake has been surrounded by Sierra Nevada mountains. Tourists who love hiking visit it due to its hiker walking paths in forests. If you visit the lake in winter season, then Nordic skiing and snowboarding are famous activities around.


7. Bohemian Spirit in Mendocino

Mendocino is known as the jewel of the north coast. A lovely place for bed and breakfast, surrounded by rose gardens, fences of white wooden and England style water towers are breathtaking recreational places here. Now old and ancient places has been replaced with art galleries, beautiful shapes and shops. But these shops have high prices and shopping around isn’t cheap. San Francisco’s timber chips were transferred inhere in 1850, which has become a popular spot for food lovers. Mills and factories were closed in 1930. Today Bohemian has become an artistic place for lovers of art.


6. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway also known as PCH is the best place to get a general idea of Golden State by this highway. This road runs through california cliffs and towns. Each road has its unique travelling charm. From Bohemian towns, you will enjoy a road talking to to glorious cities. It also connects cities in main regions of the country like San Diego surfer, Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are hidden beaches, picnic spots and paradise like fresh air with wooden docks. The most amazing scene to enjoy is the evening on PCH.


5. Walking among giant trees

Would you like to hug a tree, well there is a biggest tree in the world. Large redwoods grow alongside the california coast with Big sur. Get off the car and walk between the giant trees or mediate between them.  Here is woods National Monument, Humboldt State Park and National Redwood. Muir Redwoods are the closest to San Francisco, 19 kilometers north of the Golden Gate. On weekends, tourists visit this place. The Main loop Trail is very pleasant for walking but it isn’t the largest, as the largest park is Humboldt Redwoods. Redwood National and State park is a good place for recreation, which is much less crowded on weekends and its trees 2,500 years.


4. Napa Valley and Jack London

Napa Valley, a famous place for wine regions of California. But there is something more beautiful, which is more authentic and more relaxed, it is Slow Noma. Also known as Sonoma. The town adjacent to it is more beautiful because it runs along the Sonoma Hwy, which runs from Sonoma to Santa Rosa. Glen Ellen is the oldest valley.Jack London area holds a house of happy walls, which is converted into museum and it is surrounded by a park.


3. Magical Disneyland

Disney area was built in 1955 which is known as Walt Disney magical territory, the most visited place by tourists. No matter what you age but you will love to travel in here, the kingdom of disney in California. Its themes parks in anaheim characters cartoons, with the sketch of Main street USA parade and fireworks explode over the sleeping beauty castle in the evening. There are other areas as Fantasyland, Mickey’s Doontown, Paradise Pier, Critter country and cars land.

Disneyland Disneyland2

2. Golden Gate Bridge

California impossible to walk without stopping in San Francisco. Also impossible not to notice its greatest icon: the Golden Gate. You have to cross on foot or bike the mythical bridge. This bridge was built in 1937. You can see a cargo ships pass between the towers with the city skyline. Discover the secrets of Golden Gate park, pond with boats, a japanese tea pavilion, and a city with innovative museums. Every sunday inhabitants from all over the california stay here to enjoy free spirits, free music, redwoods, art and buffalo. There are cycle paths for sports lovers, fly fishing ponds and baseball fields.


1. Death Valley

Death valley, a place full of life. Here you can find fabulous scenery, singing birds. It is a valley of death like some biblical place, hellish and burning. Canyons are carved by the waters on the rocks. This valley has the highest US temperature around 57 C, the lowest point of 86 meters below sea level. You can explore the prehistoric mining ghosts towns where fortunes were found or lost as stated in some local tales.


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