Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Boston

Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Boston

Boston, the biggest and capital city in Massachusetts, the US built in 1630. It has been called the oldest city in the US. It played a pivotal role in the American Revolution; the significant contribution has shown on the Freedom Trial, a 2.5 walking track of historical spots that depicts America’s foundation story. It is a city, full of historic places; visitors primarily come here to know the culture, artifacts, and history.

1.  Boston Common

A venerable open park, expanding over 50 acres, is a symbol of history; it hosted the British military during the American Revolution. Further, it has an ice skating area where visitors enjoy skating.


Boston Common at Night.
Boston Common at Night.

2. Faneuil Hall

It is a significant landmark, as it has been serving as Government meeting house since 1973. It is usually bustling with the street performers.  A historical building has spectacular architecture and cultural richness.

Faneuil Hall

3. Fenway Park

A fantastic baseball park locates near Kenmore Square in Boston.   It has been serving as a home to the best baseball team, Boston Red Sox. It has a small capacity, but a relaxing and attractive setting environment, green monster seats.

Fenway Park

4. Museum of Fine Arts

This incredible landmark, one of the biggest museums in the US, is full of Egyptian treasures as well as Impressionist arts, arts that originate back in the 19th century. It comprises a nice collection of modern and ancient artwork, above 450,000 artworks.  

Museum of Fine Arts

5. Paul Revere House

Paul Revere was a revolutionary war hero, and this house has reserved to gratitude his bravery. It is famed as his residence in Boston. Visitors come here to know about the hero’s life.

Paul Revere House

6. New England Aquarium

It is a gigantic glass tank, a spiraled multi-level walkthrough. It consists of above 2000 aquatic lives including seals, whales, sharks, sea lions, seals, penguins, sea turtles, and many others. It is a unique spot to observe the lifestyle of different marine animals within the water.

New England Aquarium

7. Public Garden

Public Garden is a momentous, 19th century, tranquil, verdant, and urban park. It contains boat rides, a lagoon, cascades, and many other sights. It has the George Washington Statue, wearing the Boston Red Sox jersey.

Public Garden

Public Garden2

8. Harvard Museum of Natural History

A natural, historical art center established at Harvard University in Massachusetts. It has an extensive collection: minerals, lovely glass flowers, and rare animal fossils. It has informative and entertaining displays on natural history, life existence, life evolution and geology. It is not a big museum, but visitors need much time to understand each display’s history.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

9. Old State House

A great signature stop, in the heart of Boston, is housing a variety of exhibits: early American history, colonial government, and contemporary. There are historical artifacts; all seems to engage the visitors’ attention.  It has an immaculate-shaped building, and its ground floor utilizes for the Boston Subway System.

10. TD Garden

It is a contemporary and comfortable stadium features good ice shows, games, and music concerts. . It usually hosts the baseball team, Celtics, and many other games play here: hockey, baseball. A spot that can never bore any visitor; it offers a series of entertainment. Music fans, games lovers, and even general spectators come and enjoy the large show here.

TD Garden

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