Top 10 Best Places To Live In Oregon

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Oregon

What is oregon? looks like something delicious. But it is a US coastal state known as ‘State of Oregon’. It is popular because of its landscape, hills, mountains and beaches all around. State of oregon’s capital is Salem, 4 million people reside here and what are the beautiful spots in the State or Oregon? we have a list of best places to live and enjoy in Oregon included, Museums, famous coffee shops, restaurants and gardens. You must know, Oregon is famous for its old coffee shops and restaurants. Why people travel to Oregon? There maybe reason but maybe not because recreation is the biggest reason to travel somewhere safe. especially if you want to live there, then check these 10 beautiful cities of Oregon state and you will find some pretty good information.

1. Bend

This city definitely come on top of the list, when we talk about Oregon state. Bend is not only just a few miles away from the best hiking trails and ski resorts in Oregon, but also has a stellar education system, with a graduation rate higher than 10 percent .It has some of the highest values house in the state as well. During the last five years, the population has been moving to Bend. If you need to visit outdoor, go for parks like Pilot Butte State, Scenic Viewpoint, Skiers mountains and many more other places as well. It really is a wonderful place to raise a family or at least to make you happy.

2. Sherwood

In the south of Portland is the small diamond that is Sherwood. Sherwood may be a few miles farther from the nearest hiking trails and it has five-star resorts. But it has some extra features. It is one of the safest cities in Oregon, with a crime rate 67% lower than the average for the state. It is one of the best cities to be paid in the country with an average household income of $83,000. High school graduation rates in Sherwood is 15% higher than the average of Oregon.

3. Beaverton

Beaverton isn’t a secret place, In fact this has been recognized for years as one of the best cities in the US. Situated alone in Oregon. During recent years, Forbes has named this is not only one of the best places to retire, but one of the 100 best places to live in general. No wonder. Beaverton has plenty of local amenities, has a crime rate 31 percent lower than the average of the state, and it is situated few miles away from the Washington Park. It is known as resident friendly city.

4. Milwaukie

Milwaukie comes at No. 4 for the top rankings, not only in outdoor activities, such as Mount Talbert trails or slopes of Mount Hood but also for the absolutely awesome annual income and safety. Residents Milwaukie get 6%more, on average, than the rest of the state, and crime rate8% lower than the average. Residents will not even need to worry about guarding their wallets.

5. Oregon City

Imagine a country where you are just five miles from some of the best hiking in the situation in Mount Talbert Nature Park. where you get paid 21% higher than the rest of the state. Live among some of the most majestic nature of the country. Well, for residents of Oregon City, this is a reality. Of course, if you prefer to walk to clubs then head to a golf course. Oregon City offers one of the best Stone Creek Golf Club. If you don’t want to walk out of it, you can simply take the Oregon City Municipal Elevator. It is a wonderful piece of history of Oregon-plus, and its views are incredible.

6. Tigard

Tigard is the home of Cook Park and land cushy. But let’s start with the latter. The average household income here is a bit high $ 62.000 to 34% than the average of the state. What residents can do with all that extra cash? Well, they can go to the city’s largest park, Cook Park, who are novice here. But there are also little gems like Tigard Farmers Market and Tigard Bowl. For a day to appreciate the beauty of indoors, visit Mount Talbert Nature Park.

7. Portland

In recent years, it has become Portland a beloved city. But there is so much more in Portland. For everyone knew that the cost of living in Portland is actually quite low as compared to many other cities in Oregon. And that domestic prices are 35% higher than the average of Oregon. Portland is breathtaking. St. Johns Bridge, the Lan-Su Chinese Garden, Portland Japanese gardens, Pittock Mansion are just a handful of man-made attractions of the city. And in terms of natural beauty, there is Forest Park, the trail Aspen Trailhead, Mount Hood Ski, the Hoyt Arboretum, the list goes on and on. In fact, the only reason Portland not come closer to the top seems to be the crime rate, which is 79% higher than the average for the state. Overall it is a great city.


8. Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego could be a suburb of Portland, but this town is itself a pleasure. It is a cultural and hosting Lakewood Center for Visual Arts and of the Council of Art Lake Oswego. Fantasyland is a family with markets, farmers, game players and a well-known entertainment center. The best high school graduation place and the best home prices can be located in Oregon. So if you are looking for a nice, charming and attractive place for vacation then visit Lake Oswego. If you want a great place to raise your family go there.

9. Oak Hills

Oak Hills victory is the best place to live in Oregon is just another scratch on the belt of this historic city. We mean that in the precise sense, since the National Register of Historic Places, Oak Hills added to the list in 2013.As a planned community with EERP, Oak Hills maintains impeccable standards with a very strong sense of community. It is classified as the densest city in Oregon, according to census data and it remained in the top 10 for low unemployment, a high medium income adjusted for cost of living, and low rate of vacant housing spaces.

10. Happy Valley

Turning out our list is the happiest-sounding place in Oregon. A lot of people have a reason to smile here. Happy Valley is rated the safest city in our list, with a crime rate 74 percent lower than the average situation. The high school graduation rate is second only to Lake Oswego, and median household income is an enormous 124% higher than the average for the state. This is an average household income of over $100,000 a year. Happy Valley is home to great shopping at Clackamas Town Center. It is definitely one of the happiest in the state.


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