Top 10 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Top 10 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Writing is a powerful tool and although social media has dumbed it down in the form of tweets, short Facebook updates and random comments there are still people that are interested in thoughtful and creative writing. These writers are also interested in sharing their works as much as possible and blogging is the best way to fulfill these desires.


The best thing about blogging is that there are plenty of free blogging platforms available for any aspiring writer and here are the top ten best free blogging platforms available on the internet today.

10. Ghost

This platform is the only one of its kind in this list as it is only free to use if you download and install it yourself; if you use the Ghost website you have to pay on the basis of traffic. This is also an open source system and it previews the final version of your post while you are writing it.

This is a great option for people who are more technical and have their own web space for the blog.


9. does not require the user to register or to log in, instead it requires a URL for the post and then a password is set. Multi-page posts can be created on this platform by using a tag and pictures are dragged into place. is definitely different from traditional blogs and it is the best option for writing scattered or isolated posts and if you don’t want to share and store any personal information is the best choice.


The people behind claim that it is the easiest way to blog. is deeply integrated with Evernote as both of them are managed by the same people. You only need to connect a notebook to, write a post and then tag it as ‘published’ to make it public. offers a little bit of customization which includes a lot of themes, the option of embedding content form other sites, the option of using Dropbox for storing content and Disqus commenting.


For people who are trying to create a professional atmosphere for their followers and readers is a great option. The site is also very useful if you are interested in selling any type of products as the site offers an eCommerce feature. Elements of the site can be dragged and dropped around for the optimal customization of your page.

6. Medium

This free blogging platform is built by the founders of Twitter and unlike the micro-blogging on Twitter, this platform caters 6,to the longer and more comprehensive writings. Medium is perfect for people who are serious with their writing and who like a lustrous and more well organised experience. The setup of Medium is locked-down and it does not offer any customization, if you are very keen on customization than this is not the right choice for you.


5. LiveJournal

Started in 1999 LiveJournal is one of the oldest blogging platforms on this list. It is hard to differentiate that whether it is a blogging network or a social network due to its longevity. As a result you get more feeling of a community that offers you your own space and it motivates communal interactions among is users. To get the best experience out of LiveJournal you have to participate into discussions and not just writing.


4. Svbtle

Svbtle claims that theirs is a blogging platform that is designed to help you think and it is quite similar to Medium in its approach. It offers a stylish and bold experience and as result words are pushed to the forefront. It is very simple and does not give much emphasis on customization, as far as writing is concerned this is undoubtedly one of the best blogging platforms out there.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr offers a good mobile app and makes it easy for you to publish content to a Tumblr blog from anywhere and you can customize your theme to represent your own style with relative ease. One thing to take note is that there are a few porn bots lingering around and you can be shocked if you decide to check every favorite off of their posts.


2. Blogger

As the name sounds, Blogger is quite a respectable blogging platform. You can have a running blog in just a matter of seconds by signing in with your Google ID. The blog is customization with new themes. One thing to note is that Blogger is run by Google and they are notorious for shutting down things which were being happily used by millions of people.


1. WordPress

According to the people behind WordPress, their platform is now powering over a fifth of the internet. WordPress allows a good amount of customization and new blogs can be quickly created on it for free. WordPress can be confusing to new users but it is the best free platform available on the internet offering an amazing mixture of customization, power and usability.


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