Three person IVF: Latest and controversial procedure for infertile couples

Three person IVF: Latest and controversial procedure for infertile couples

Kiev: Doctors in Kiev have successfully applied a new “three-person IVF” and have helped a previously infertile couple to have a child, the latest procedure is called pronuclear transfer and it is the first of its kind in the world.

This new procedure can help thousands of couples who are having problem in conceiving or have been declared infertile by the doctors.

Although the first ever “three-person IVF” procedure was successful and doctors have delivered a healthy boy, however, some scientists have criticized the treatment and have said that it can create false hopes among women who are having problems in conceiving.

The procedure was done in Ukraine in a fertility clinic and a 34-year old woman’s egg was fertilized with the sperm of her partner, their combined genes are then transferred into an egg which was taken from a donor.

However, this is not the first child that is born with the DNA of three people, last year in Mexico a baby was born with the DNA of three people but the method used was slightly different.

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In Ukraine the women who gave birth to this baby had failed to get pregnant for the last 10 years, she also had four failed IVF procedures, it only after this latest procedure that she was able to have a child.

The child born with this technique has the DNA of his actual parents with a minute amount of DNA from the second woman, this baby has become the second child to be born with three parents.

The main objective behind creating this technique was to avoid the risk of transferring serious genetic diseases from mother to child, these diseases are known as “mitochondrial diseases”.

The doctors at the Nadiya clinic in Kiev, Ukraine however did not intended to use this procedure to avoid the risk of disease of risk transfer, instead they used it to help an infertile couple have a child of their own.

Valery Zukin is the doctor who lead the procedure in the Nadiya clinic has claimed that his procedure can help women suffering from embryo arrest, a state in which the embryo stops growing before getting implanted in the womb.

He said: “It’s like the opening of a new era. Before, we could only increase the selection of embryos. But for us this moment opens up the possibility of augmenting embryos.”

Although successful this procedure has been labeled by experts from United Kingdom as “extremely experimental”. The chairman of British Fertility Society, Prof Adam Balen said:

“Pronuclear transfer is highly experimental and has not been properly evaluated or scientifically proven. We would be extremely cautious about adopting this approach to improve IVF outcomes.”

But Dr Zukin is quite sure that the procedure is safe and he has said that the child appears to be completely normal after his team had run genetic tests on the baby.

Many people will be uncomfortable at the thought of mixing the DNA of a third person into the DNA of their baby, but on the other hand this may be the only option for couples who have been declared infertile.

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