Three People Killed In Louisiana Flood While Thousands Rescued

Three People Killed In Louisiana Flood While Thousands Rescued


Baton Rouge: On Saturday heavy rains flooded the streets of southeast Louisiana killing three people, rescue operations were able to transfer thousands of people to safety.


Severe weather is also affecting the states neighbouring states of Alabama and Mississippi, however on Friday Louisiana received over 17ins of rain.


The mayor of central city, JR Shelton told Advocate newspaper, “This is a flood of epic proportion. When we talk about floods now, we’ll talk about the great flood of 2016. everything else pales in comparison.”


The two rivers in Louisiana, the Comite River and the Amite River were expected to flood as forecaster Ale Krautmann has predicted, he had also said that a lot of the houses in Baton Rouge will be flooded.


The National Guard used helicopters and boats to transfer people to safe places, Lyn Gibson a resident of Tangipahoa Parish was rescued with her dogs by the National Guard by a bought after she had made a hole in the ceiling of her house.


John Bel Edwards, the governor of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency, he called the floods “historic” and “unprecedented”. He was also evacuated from the governor house as water has filled the basement and electricity was shut down.


Edwards warned the citizens that the disaster can last for days, so be prepared and evacuate quickly. He said,


“This is an ongoing event. We’re still in response mode.”


He has also said earlier that over 1,000 people have rescued and more the rescue operation is still going on as more and more people are being saved.


He said, “We haven’t been rescuing people. We’ve been rescuing subdivisions. It has not stopped at all today.”
The Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant has also declared a state of emergency in some of his counties which are facing heavy rainfall.

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