Ten Worst Airplane Crashes of the World

Ten Worst Airplane Crashes of the World

A recent most worse air plane crash, Russian defence ministry Tupolev, 154 flight was heading towards Syria from Moscow with sixty-four men and women of the Alexandrov Ensemble, which is the official choir including singers and dancers, of the Russian armed forces, and some other journalists and army officials were on board.

Soon after its take off in a good weather, from Sochi, Adler airport, after around two minutes of the flight the airliner disappeared from radar. Tu-154 plane crashed near the Russian coast, the air crash ended in the Black Sea, killing total 92 passengers with no survivor. the loss of all 92 passengers and crew.

Initial investigations from the black boxes recovered telling that a beep of alarms shocked the pilots inside the cockpit of the plane regarding the difficulties in the jet. This is a major crash at the end of year 2016. Below is the list of some other worst airplane crashes in the history of aviation.

10. Mount Erebus Disaster – Fatalities: 257

Air New Zealand flight 901 crash also known as the Mount Erebus disaster. On 28 November 1979 a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 operated by Air New Zealand did its takeoff from the Auckland airport, during the flight crashed into the Mount Erebus in Antarctica, The flight 901 was a scheduled sightseeing tour flight of few hours over Antarctica, due to the path changes a night before the crash, the flight crew was not informed regarding the changes and by following the previous route flight ultimately crashed killing 257 people.

9. Flight Nationair DC-8-61 – Fatalities: 261

Nigeria airways flight 2120 a passenger flight crashed on 11 July 1991 in Saudi Arabia, just after its takeoff from the king Abdulaziz international airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the plane was heading towards Nigeria. The crash of Nationair DC-8-61 chartered by Nigeria Airways, having pilgrims travelling to Mecca crashed killing 261 people, after takeoff due to a tire failure, fire sparked the plane, pilots realized and returned for emergency landing but meanwhile the plane caught fire killing as much people and making it the second worst crash in Saudi Arabia.

8. Flight Airbus A300 China Airlines – Fatalities: 249

China airlines flight 140 was a regularly scheduled passenger flight, which crashed on 26 April 1994: in this deadliest crash 264 people died, including 15 crew members and 249 passengers, an Airbus A300 operated by China Airlines, pilots mis-commanded the jet to accelerate at the speed of take off, but the plane was near to land at Nagoya airport, soon after the mistake the pilots realized it and tried to control the jet manually but they didn’t had enough time to rectify the error, resulting the horrible crash of China’s aviation history, happened in Japan.

7. American Airlines Flight 587 – Fatalities: 265

American airlines passenger flight 587, on 12 November 2001, from JF Kennedy airport in New York towards Dominican Republic at its destination. 265 people killed in this deadly crash, soon after the take off, the tail fin of the Airbus A300 ceased after the tail fin of an Airbus A300 snapped just after takeoff from New York, the pilot suggested to reach 1300 ft altitude from 5000 feet, while rising the plane due to tail fin snap the plan did a flat spin and due to unstable aerodynamics both engines of the plane separated resulting the cash into Queens near New York City.

6. Flight DC-10 – Fatalities: 273

Among the worst air crashes of the history at number six is the 1979 American airline flight 191 crash. This crash resulting the death of 273 people, flight 191 was flying from Chicago to Los Angeles during its flight the engine of the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 plane from the left wing separated leaving the jet un balanced aerodynamically and ultimately the crash happened, investigations showed the poor maintenance of the jet is responsible for the crash and after this mishap the DC-10 planes are banned by the federal aviation administration. Leaving the negative image of the jet forever. Hence these jet are used for aviation for long time.

5. Saudia Flight 163 – Fatalities: 301

Saudi 163 a passenger flight of of Saudi Arabia, which was heading from Riyadh airport towards Jeddah on 19 August 1980 crashed, and it became the fifth worst airplane crash of the aviation history which killed 301 people including 14 flight crew members in a single plane, the incident happened when , soon after the takeoff flight 163 caught fire it took few minutes to realize the problem in flight by the pilot, and the captain decided to fly it back to Riyadh airport for emergency landing till landing fire spreads in the plane and created as much smoke to cause suffocation for the on board passengers to die, investigations showed that the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar killing as many survivors by evacuation plan delay, due to some royal movements on the runway at the time of the incident.

4. Turkish Airlines Flight 981 – Fatalities: 346

Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crash also known as the Ermenonville air disaster which occurred in the Ermenonville forest near Paris, on 3rd March 1974, 346 people were killed by the fourth deadliest crash of the aviation history, crash happened when the cargo door of a Douglas DC 10 plane not properly locked, opened during the flight by an explosion, which caused decompression in the jet affecting the mechanical connecting cables due to this the Turkish airlines flight ultimately crashed making horrible aviation history.

3. Ilyushin 76 – Fatalities: 349

Charkhi Dadri air crash is named by the village in India, on 12 November 1996 the accident happened above in the skies of Indian village where two passenger flights collided by the misinformation of the traffic controller in India, the flight controller misguided the Soviet Ilyushin 76 plane of Air Kazakhstan, by ignoring the distance between the two planes, he told the fight that it reached the required height by the plane was descending towards the lower altitude to fly where it collided the coming Saudi Arabian Boeing 747 airliner from the opposite direction at the same altitude accidentally, the Ilyushin plane cuted the wing of the Saudi Boeing jet in the collision by the result of which 349 people died in the crash.

2. Japan Airlines Flight 123 – Fatalities: 520

1985 includes the second worst air crash of the history: All 520 people including 15 crew members died in the deadliest domestic flight of Japan Air Lines flight 123, Boeing 747 faced an explosion by mechanical fault causing the loss of hydraulic controls of the plane during the flight, and the plane after a struggle of surviving finally crashed at the Mount Osutaka. It is the worst crash of history that a single aircraft crash killing as much people.

1. Tenerife Airport Disaster – Fatalities: 583

On 27 March, 1977, the worst plane crash of the world occurred at the Tenerife airport, 583 people died in this worst crash of the history killed 583 people, by the collusion of two boeing 747 jets on the runway of Los Rodeos Airport. In this mishap the KLM airline planes, the KLM and Pan Am airline passenger planes collided due to unusual rush of many diverted flights due to some bombing threat at another airport, while at the moment of collusion the runway was having much fog, which minimized the visibility and creating unfavorable weather conditions also seems to be reasons of the deadliest air plane crash of the history of commercial aviation.

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