Teenager In France Convicted Of Supporting Terrorism By Naming His Wifi Daesh

Teenager In France Convicted Of Supporting Terrorism By Naming His Wifi Daesh


Paris: A French court has convicted a teenager for “condoning terrorism” because he had named his Wifi network “Daesh21” which is the Arabic name of ISIS.

The teenager has been given a three-month suspended jail sentence by the court, his lawyer, Karima Manhouli told media, “There was no sympathy for terrorism. There was only the word “Daesh21”.

She also said, “It was a stupid act by a young man of 18 who cannot explain why he did it”, he also said that the criminal conviction of his client by the court will be appealed against.

According to the local daily Le Bien Public, a neighbor of the teenager first noticed this SSID (Service Set Identifier) of the Wi-Fi, he then notified the police that there might be an ISIS sympathizer in the area.

The police did extensive investigation before making the final arrest, his lawyer Karima Manhouli said, “Research has been done on his Twitter, Instagram, his computer, his phone was seized during a search.”

Even though the teenager could not explain to the court why he chose Daesh as his Wi-Fi name, he himself denied any support or following of the group and he also denied that he was advocating terrorism.

She also said that the police even investigated his phone calls and bank accounts, however they failed to find any evidence linking him with the extremist group. She said that allegations against her client are baseless.

She said, “I do not think that renaming a Wi-Fi network is an act of praise. It’s neutral, it’s nonsense, it’s not an argument.”

Karima Manhouli further said, “There was an investigation and searches but nothing was found. There is nothing to suggest that he shares this ideology. On the contrary, he strenuously denies it.”

The teenager was initially offered community service for 100 hours but he did not agreed, then the court gave him a three month suspended sentence.

His lawyer has said that they are planning to appeal against the conviction, meanwhile he has changed the name of his Wi-Fi network from “Daesh21” to “Roudoudou21”, a French electronic artist.

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