Syria: Bombing at Evacuees Buses killed 126 including 68 children

Syria: Bombing at Evacuees Buses killed 126 including 68 children

At least 126 people including 68 children were killed in buses bombing attack, these were the buses carrying the evacuees away from the government use Syrian towns, activists say.

Human rights organisation in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for human rights said that these blasts killed 98 evacuees including many children, several rescue worker and rebels were also killed in this attacks.

This incident happened at Rashidin near Halab on Sunday. According to the local time of 3:30 it happened at a check post, it was reported that a van carrying food came near these buses due to which dozens of children also gathered near the food distributing van, meanwhile the blast occurred.

There were no clues found that points the rebel fighter responsible for this brutal attack, both parties agreed over an agreement of four areas, according to which the war affected people has to be helped, according to which 30000 people has to be evacuated from both rebels and government areas.

Attacked region contains most of the Shia Muslims, which from March 2015 been occupied by the Syrian Rebels and the IS militants. There was already a threat of attack over the evacuees according to the agreement from the rebels occupied area.

Russian army has already entered the area as being the coalition force of Syrian rebels, in order to rescue the victims, due to the Syrian controversial war several residents are stuck inside these areas.

These attacked buses were stuck from the past 40 hours, Red Cross helps in providing food to these people.

Eyewitnesses told the horrifying scene after the blast that all around were the dead bodies of the victims and rescue teams were engaged in helping the injured.

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