Super Mario Run will be available on Android in March

Super Mario Run will be available on Android in March

Super Mario Run was launched in December 2016 on iOS and it is the first ever smartphone game by Nintendo, it has been extremely popular and in March it will be available for android devices.

Nintendo made this announcement via twitter.


The game has been hugely successful on Apple devices and it made a world record by getting 40 million downloads in only four days of its release. Super Mario Run is now the fastest-selling game in the entire history of App Store.

Nintendo is scheduled to release two more titles this year , Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, even more titles are planned for the coming years. Fire Emblem is another Nintendo game which is highly anticipated, it is a turn-based role playing game where two kingdoms fight each other.

Although the download rate of the game was extremely high in the beginning but third-parties have estimated that just 3% of the users paid for the full game.

Mario is still as popular as ever, but it is having a bit of a trouble in finding its place in mobile gaming, the deep gameplay feels sort of compromised due to the controls.

The game features numerous levels that look quite familiar with other Mario games, players collect power-ups and as many coins as possible along the levels.

You can download the game for free but you can only play the first three levels, to unlock the rest of the game you need to pay $10.

This move may have affected the company as share prices fell when the game was released, many users were disappointed when they found out that they cannot play the complete game without spending $10.

Also keep in mind that you can only play Super Mario Run online, the offline mode is not supported probably to tackle piracy issues.

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