Suicide Attack Killed 11 And Injured 40 In Mardan, Pakistan

Suicide Attack Killed 11 And Injured 40 In Mardan, Pakistan


Mardan: A suicide attack in the city of Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan killed 11 people and injured 40, meanwhile four suicide bombers were killed by security forces in Peshawar.


According to Mardan police the suicide attack took place at the courtyard of district courts and the some police officers and lawyers were also killed.


Faisal Shahzad, the District Police Officer of Mardan told media that the bomber threw a grenade which injured many police officers before blowing himself up. According to Shahzad 11 people have been killed in the attack.


Security forces surrounded the area after the explosion, judges and lawyers were moved to safer locations by the police.


Do note that for the past few months lawyers are under attack in Pakistan and just last month an explosion outside the Quetta hospital killed more than 55 lawyers.


On Friday four extremists were killed when they attacked a christian colony on warsak road in the provincial capital Peshawar.


Lt. General Asim Bajwa, the director general of Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) tweeted that security forces took action swiftly and killed four terrorists and search operations are still under way in the area.


According to ISPR the extremists entered the colony in early morning carrying explosives and targeted the security guards first.


Immediately after the attack security forces surrounded the area and killed all four attackers, whereas two frontier constabulary officers, one police officer and two civilian guards were injured.


Col. Naeem the commandant of Swat scouts said that security forces did not allowed the terrorists to enter the residential area and when they found themselves cornered they blew themselves up.


According to the bomb disposal unit, attackers had two grenades and suicide vests, the vests were equipped with almost 6 kg of explosives.
Do note that these extremists have already targeted security forces and civilians in Peshawar.

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