Statue of Lady Justice in Bangladesh sparks protests

Statue of Lady Justice in Bangladesh sparks protests


Dhaka: A statue of lady justice placed outside the supreme court building in the capital city of Dhaka has sparked protests from conservative Islamic groups.

These conservative Islamic groups have demanded to remove the statue of lady Justice.

The protesters have said that this statue is against the teachings of Islam. The statue outside the supreme court building is quite similar to the Greek goddess Themis, he only difference is that the statue of a female in Dhaka is wearing saree, a traditional garment.

The supporters of Hefazat-e-Islam gathered outside the Bait ul Mukarram Mosque in Bangladesh after the Friday prayers and protested against the statue. They also warned that if the statue is not remove protests will spread throughout the country.

Junaid Al-Habib, a leader of Hefazat-e-Islam said: “Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, its 92 percent people are Muslims, we cannot accept any idol in front of the Supreme Court.”

Protesters have also said that the statue which was erected outside the supreme court building in December is equivalent to idol worshiping. One of the protestors said that our religion does not have any place for statues, that is why it should not be allowed outside supreme court building.

This is not the first incident of its kind, in 2008 the statue of a Bangladeshi mystic poet also caused protests and it had to be removed near Dhaka’s international airport.

Bangladesh has a population of 160 million, it has a secular government but a huge portion of the population is still quiet conservative and hard line Islam is also on the rise.

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