Stahl’s Sustainable Car Interior Solutions for 3rd Living Space of the Future

Stahl’s Sustainable Car Interior Solutions for 3rd Living Space of the Future

For the second year in a row Stahl is joining forces with automotive lab Rinspeed to create the concept car of the future. The Rinspeed Oasis will be launched at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The focus in the Oasis is on the interior as car interiors are becoming extremely important in car design since consumers spend more and more time in their vehicles. The Oasis follows Rinspeed’s revolutionary vision of the ‘3rd living space of the future’.

“The car interior industry, their solutions and the materials used are going to be extremely important for both car manufacturers and end users.”

The above statement was made by automotive expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Professor at the University of Duisburg/Essen. Furthermore, the prevalent theme at the recent ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain conference in Paris was that leather is still going strong in the premium and luxury automotive segments. Yet, the industry has to adapt to major global changes that are taking place in the automotive industry, where sustainability is a major theme. Less use of water, energy and chemicals and other important environmental trends should be incorporated in leather making.

With our focus on sustainability and innovation, Stahl has been capitalizing on these trends towards a sustainable future for the leather industry for quite some time now. We are pushing the boundaries to create solutions that can be part of a better future.  So we were thrilled to develop the solutions for the interior of the Rinspeed Oasis. This project allowed us to bring our best sustainable innovations to the table in order to create a future-proof concept car.

Premium, mystical and sustainable the ultimate eye-catcher is the is the small garden on the sideboard. This adds the element of nature to the car to make it a true third living space. With Stahl’s next-gen car interior technologies,  

The company contributed significantly to reduced emissions and smellconsequently, clean and fresh air for the passenger.  The leather used in the car was tanned with a technology called Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ that fits Rinspeed´s revolutionary vision of the 3rd living space of the future. Being free of metals, this technology improves sustainability credentials regarding water usage, energy and chemicals. So that’s perfect to create leather for a sustainable car interior with a long-lasting impact.

Furthermore, leather tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ is high quality, soft and smooth and offers unique advantages for pale and vibrant colors.  Its high elasticity makes the leather flexible, tear resistant and extremely versatile, enabling thinner and lighter leather than ever. All pluses for a premium sustainable car of the future.

Along with this alternative tanning method, we used other sustainable products such as Green PolyMatte®, a bio-based finishing, to create matt surfaces with a warm and pleasant touch. This revolutionary solution is based on rapeseed oil instead of intermediates derived from crude oil. As the rapeseed is sourced locally, the transportation of the raw material is reduced, which directly benefits the environment.

To improve the driving experience even further, we added a new special effect solution called ‘Mystic Jungle’. Normally used for outdoor applications, we decided to use it for interior materials, thus revealing a new design freedom: mystically glittering surfaces that respond to changing ambient lighting and viewing angles.

Snow white remains snow white Along with sustainability and surprising elements, the interior of the Rinspeed Oasis shows pure white colors. Such materials need to be protected to last for a long time. That is why Stahl used its latest generation of Stay Clean technology to protect the surfaces from dirt and stains. This way an intrinsically white high-performance cover material was created, bringing the long-desired design intent “snow white” closer to automotive reality than ever before.

No squeaking and rattling the importance of Stay Clean is fully in line with findings of a market study by J.D. Power, which showed that consumers found clean seats to be one of the most important aspects for a car. Seats make up 8.1% of the overall car appeal and the most often mentioned factor is the feel of the material they are made of: 16.0% of the respondents mentioned this as the most important quality in their car seats. Seat squeak and rattle were mentioned as well, which makes sense as modern cars are so silent – all the more so since the introduction of – and change to – electric cars. Both Stay Clean and

PolyMatte® offer effective solutions to the abovementioned problems. The non-squeaking Stay Clean coating technology protects the surface by hindering the pick-up and migration of stains and dyes into the substrate and PolyMatte®. Additionally, non-squeaking provides a luxurious feel to the finished article in combination with flexibility, and scratch and abrasion resistance.

So, in all respects, we are proud to say the Rinspeed Oasis concept definitely is a car of the future. Yet, the innovations used are only a glimpse of the possibilities that can be created with excellent partnership and the urge to search for the unknown. If it can be imagined, it can be created.

At Stahl, we believe partnerships are the key element for creating new and innovative solutions and possibilities. This belief is one of our core principles throughout all of our locations. Together, we can open up endless possibilities. At our headquarters in Waalwijk in the Netherlands, we have created an ‘Automotive Center of Excellence’ where we invite OEMs, tiers and partners to share knowledge, passion and enthusiasm.

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