Sony creates world’s fasted memory chip

Sony creates world’s fasted memory chip


Tokyo: Sony Corporation has created and introduced the world’s fastest SD memory chip which can read data at an amazing speed of 300 MB/s, it can also write data at the speed of 299 MB/s.

His memory card is known as SF-G SD cards and are available with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity, there is no information on its price yet, however, it will be available in the market by the end of April this year.

These memory cards are made according to “Ultra High Speed 2 (UHS-II)” standards, according to these standards any memory card should have a speed of 312 MB/s and if data writing and reading are done at the same time then the speed should be 156 MB/s.

Currently there is no memory card in the market that can keep up such great speeds, the main reason is that as data gets copied the speed of memory card slows down and it can drop as low as just 4 MB/s.

But Sony Corporation has claimed that SF-G memory card can maintain higher speeds for longer period of time, a special algorithm has been developed that keeps the speed from slowing down.

Currently a 256 GB SD memory card is also available and USB drive capacities have expanded to terabytes, but Sony has said that they are more focussed on speed and they will focus on capacity later.

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