Social Media is Losing Its Popularity: Experts

Social Media is Losing Its Popularity: Experts

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United States: According to a latest research people are losing interest in social media services and there has been a historical decrease in the use of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap-chat.


Experts had been monitoring the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat on android for a few months and they wanted to find out that whether people’s interest in these applications is increasing or decreasing.


The research has shown that the application in which most of the people are losing interest is Instagram and its popularity has decreased about 23.7% this year.


Twitter is second in the race of unpopularity and it is facing 23.4 % decrease in popularity. Snapchat’s popularity has decreased by 15.7 %, even Facebook is facing 8% decrease in its popularity.


This research has been conducted by a very well known surveying company and it has given its statistics based on the increasing or decreasing interest of the users in big countries. These countries include United States, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, India and Brazil.


The research also shows that people spend 34 minutes daily on Facebook on average while daily average time for Instagram is just 17 minutes.


According the expert who compiled this report, the reasons for the decreasing interest in these services are multiple. One of the major reasons is that people have started to use some alternate and more obscure applications. For example the telegram service is being used instead of Whatsapp because it offers more features and provides better security than Whatsapp.
Another explanation for this situation is that people are not losing interest in the social media applications and services they are getting divided as every day new social media apps are launched. Most of these apps are not on the level of Facebook or Twitter but a lot of them have interesting features that are not offered by the big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

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