Small plane crashed on home in California and killed 3 people

Small plane crashed on home in California and killed 3 people


California: A small passenger plane in the state of California crashed on a residential area killing 3 people while 2 people have been seriously injured on Monday.

According to the fire chief Michael Moore the plane crashed at about 4:45 p.m and it destroyed at least two dwellings, he also said that all three victims were the passengers and pilot of the aircraft. Initially it was reported that four people have died but later it was corrected.

He said: “It’s horrible, coupled together that they were going to a cheer competition. This is supposedly a happy time and then just to have a tragic incident like this, and into one of these Riverside residences, it’s really a sad case for us.”

He also clarified that there were no victims on the ground or inside the residences, however, a secondary check will be done on Tuesday morning.

The Federal Aviation Authority has identified the plane as a Cessna 310 and it was carrying five passengers to San Jose.

Michael Moore further said that two women survived the crash as they were ejected from the plane by the impact of the crash, he also credited the fire fighters for playing a crucial role in saving their lives.

One of the them was taken to the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton while the other was taken to the Riverside Community Hospital. Both women are adults while previously it was reported that one of them was a teenager.

Local resident George Charles Ashley told media: “It was loud, shook the house like an earthquake. It was like two train that headed into each other. It was a big fire ball.”

The plane crashed only half-mile away from the Riverside Municipal Airport, debris from the crash fell as far as half a mile away, set fire to houses and send dark and choking smoke high in the sky.

The residential block where the plane crashed has been evacuated and at least 20 families have been relocated to shelters.

Initial investigation has revealed that the plane was flying on a full tank of fuel which made the fire more intense, investigators are looking for dropped air plane parts in the neighborhood and in the debris created by the crash.

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