Shrine custodian tortured and killed 20 devotees in Pakistan

Shrine custodian tortured and killed 20 devotees in Pakistan

Sargodha: A custodian of a sufi shrine in the city of Sargodha in Pakistan has confessed of torturing and killing at least 20 devotees with the help of his accomplices.

Abdul Waleed, the custodian of the sufi shrine known as Darbar Ali Muhammad first intoxicated the devotees then with his accomplices used sticks, batons and daggers to torture and them and finally kill them.

According to Liaquat Ali Chatha, the Deputy Commissioner of Sargodha Abdul Waleed had called the victims and told them to come to the shrine, he is now in the custody of police. The Deputy Commissioner also said that the custodian also suffers from a critical mental disorder.

The victims included at least four women and six of them belonged to the same family, sixteen of the bodies have been returned to their relatives after post mortem.

The police was informed when at least four victims managed to escape with injuries and one of them reported the atrocity to the locals. The escaped victims were immediately admitted in the District Hospital.

The chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has formed an inquiry committee on Sunday morning and it comprises of regional police officers. He has also expressed his condolences with the families of the deceased and the injured.

The chief minister has also told the Inspector General of police to provide reports on the incident in the next 24 hours.

The Deputy Commissioner of Sargodha told reporters that Abdul Waheed thinks that these devotees had murdered his spiritual leader, Ali Muhammad two years ago by poisoning him, he also thought that he would have been poisoned too if he did not kill these disciples.

Liaquat Ali Chatha further said Abdul Waheed thinks that by torturing the victims he has cleansed their spirits.

It was also revealed that Abdul Waheed used to work for the Election Commission in Sargodha and had just retired an year ago.

The victims had come from different areas of the Punjab province and according to one of the officials their bodies were found naked. The shrine has been closed down and a search operation has begun to find all the culprits.

The son of the late Pir Ali Muhammad Gujjar was also one of the victims who was killed, he works in the police department and was on leave.

This is not the first incident of violence or torture in the shrine, locals have reported that disciples were tortured in the shrine once or twice every month by Abdul Waheed. Reportedly he would take off and burn their clothes after torturing them. Strange noises were heard from the shrine on constant basis but no one ever went in to see what’s going on.

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