Scientists Discover A Mysterious Galaxy Made Up Of Dark Matter

Scientists Discover A Mysterious Galaxy Made Up Of Dark Matter


Connecticut:  A team of international astrologers have discovered a new and mysterious galaxy near our own milky way galaxy, this galaxy has almost the same amount of matter as our own galaxy but it has less than 1% of all the stars in the milky way.


This mysterious galaxy has been named the “Dragonfly 44” and it is located about 33 million light years from us in the Coma galaxy cluster.


According to experts 99.99% of this galaxy consists of dark matter, which is the stuff that makes up 27% of our entire universe and has never been seen.


Although the galaxy is quite near to our own galaxy but because it is so dark scientist were not able to detect it earlier. The only way they were possible to detect it was by observing the movement of the galaxy’s stars.


According to a member of the Yale University team, Professor Pieter van Dokkum said, “Motions of the stars tell you how much matter there is. They don’t care what form the matter is, they just tell you that it’s there.


In the Dragonfly galaxy, stars move very fast. So there was a huge discrepancy. We found many times more mass indicated by the motions of the stars than there is mass in the stars themselves.”


Professor Pieter and his colleagues have found at least 47 ultra diffuse galaxies like the Dragonfly 44 in the Coma Cluster, this group has almost 1,000 galaxies and it is located nearly 300 million light years away from earth.


Professor Roberto Abraham from the University of Toronto, Canada said,  “We have no idea how galaxies like Dragonfly 44 could have formed.


“The … data show that a relatively large fraction of the stars is in the form of very compact clusters, and that is probably an important clue. But at the moment we’re just guessing.”


According to Professor Pieter Van Dokkum the most important aspect of this discovery is the dark matter, he said learning about dark matter is the ultimate goal of our research.


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