Saudi Arabia and Iraq, announced to eliminate IS

Saudi Arabia and Iraq, announced to eliminate IS

Iraqi forces for the first time attacked the IS by fighter jets bombing,Baghdad, After 2003 for the first time Saudi foreign minister visiting the city Baghdad, in his tour to Iraq the Saudi minister had meeting with the Iraqi officials to discuss important issues.

Saudi foreign minister and his delegation were welcomed by the Iraqi prime minister Haider Alabadi, this visit of Saudi officials will help to smoothen the relation between the two countries, while having the meeting both countries representatives talked over the mutual development in several fields, and the plan to eliminate the extremist militant troop IS by the coalition war against it.

While Iraqi officials saying that the visit of Saudi minister after a long time will make the relationship and understandings among the both countries, much better. As after 2003 it was the first visit of any Saudi Foreign Minister to Iraq.

Saudi minister appreciated the effort of the Iraqi force against the militant troops of IS, and said that Saudi government will definitely support Iraq in the war against terror, to vanish IS.

Iraq has sent its fighter jet for the first time to target the militants of IS, safe homes, in an air strike, near the Jordan border IS militant killed 15 Iraqi soldiers.

Iraqi force while doing an operation against the IS has reached up to the western part of Mosul, which was the main safe home of IS, due to the terrible fight many of the residents migrated towards the safe areas, one of the journalist also died while the clearing IS from Mosul.

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