Saudi Arabia Confirms Airstrike On The Funeral Procession In Sana’a

Saudi Arabia Confirms Airstrike On The Funeral Procession In Sana’a


According to reports Saudi Arabia has personally confirmed that one of its allies have performed an airstrike on the funeral procession in Sana’a which killed 140 people.


On the other hand the US government is having concerns that it might also be included in war crimes because it is supporting the Saudi Arabia led alliance in this conflict.


Regarding the investigation of this incident, the Saudi government has said it will analyse the recording data, eye witness statements and available military intelligence.


It is not yet clear whether the the pilot attacked on his own or he was given orders by the high command .


According to one Saudi official, no public statement will be released until the investigation is completed, which could take anywhere from a few days to a few months.


On the other hand a British news agency has received documents, the US government lawyers has advised the government that according to international law United States could be considered as a participant in the war.


Obama administration approved to continue the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia despite being advised otherwise.


Although Saudi Arabia has not yet officially claimed the responsibility of the attack on the funeral procession, however United States will re-evaluate its support for Saudi Arabia according to the US rules.


The US president Barack Obama approved the logistic and intelligence support of Saudi Arabia against the Houthi rebels in March 2015.


The airstrike on the funeral procession in Sana’a killed almost 140 people and injured 500 more.


The government of Saudi Arabia had denied the accusations of the attack and had announced to investigate the incident.


The Saudi Arabia led alliance had said in a statement that it will in investigate the incident with the help of US experts immediately.


However, human rights organisation have rejected Saudi Arabs announcement of investigation and demanded an independent international investigation.


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