Samsung: Do Not Use Galaxy Note 7 Or Replace It With Another Phone

Samsung: Do Not Use Galaxy Note 7 Or Replace It With Another Phone


Seoul: The South Korean company Samsung has advised its customers who are using the Galaxy Note 7 to stop using the device or to exchange it with another phone because there is a risk of the phone getting overheating and exploding.


Last week Samsung called back at least 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones as there were complaints that the phone gets overheated during charging and even catches fire or explodes.


The United States authorities have issued a warning saying that the new Galaxy Note 7 should not be charged or kept on during flights.


The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung has announced that they will replace all the handsets with new ones after September 19.


The largest smartphone manufacturing company in the world, Samsung has released a statement saying, “The safety of our customers is our first priority.”


The company further said, “We request all the Galaxy Note 7 users to keep their phones shut until they get a replacement and to immediately return the smartphones from where they have bought it.”


Both airlines of United Arab Emirates namely Etihad and Emirates have have banned the use of Galaxy Note 7 on their planes.


According to Samsung the problem occurs due to a fault in the battery, but is a very difficult task to find out which sold handsets had the problem.


The phone was launched just last month and was an instant success among consumers.


This incident proved very beneficial for Samsung’s competitor Apple, who has launched its new Apple iPhone 7 a few days earlier as their biggest rival has removed their latest smartphone from the market.
But the new iPhone has come under a lot of criticism as the newer model is almost identical to the previous model except some features like memory, camera and the color of the handset. The latest iPhone also ditched the classic headphone socket and now consumers will have to spent $159 extra for a pair of wireless airpods instead of the standard headphones.

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