Russian Girl Died While Taking An Extreme Selfie

Russian Girl Died While Taking An Extreme Selfie


Moscow: A Russian girl fell off a balcony and died while she was taking a selfie and sharing it with one of her friends.

The 12-years old girl known as Oksana B was trying to take an extreme selfie while sitting on the railing on the 17th floor of her apartment building.

She told her mother that she was going out for a walk, but instead she went to the balcony.

According to the police Oksana successfully took the selfie and send it one of her friends but then she could not maintain her balance and fell off the balcony and died.

Reportedly after receiving the photo her friend thought the it was taken from a risky and dangerous spot and she tried to call Oksana after that.

When she could not get any reply she sent the photo to Oksana’s mother but it was already too late. One of the passing by people informed the police about her dead body.

Oksana’s uncle posted a message on social media saying ,”She was a really kind girl, she was a good student and had no issues in the school. She was taking English and dance classes in school.”

Taking selfies from extreme and dangerous location has become the latest hot trend on social media.

After a number of selfie related deaths the government of Russia started an awareness movement.

Last year a 17 year old Russian boy lost his life when he fell off a nine story building while trying to take a selfie.

The worrying thing is that the more risk you take the more it is like on social media, YouTube and other social media platforms are full of young dare devils who make videos and take photos of themselves climbing rooftops, antennas and running or jumping on the edges of the building without any safety harness.

There are also videos of Russian teenagers hanging hundred of feet in the air with just one hand and no safety net.

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