Russia Is Showing Barbarism In Aleppo: United States

Russia Is Showing Barbarism In Aleppo: United States


Washington: The US special envoy in United Nations have accused Russia for barbarism in Aleppo in context of the bombing of the city.


Samantha Power, the US ambassador said in the emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly that Russia lied to the security council about its activities in Syria.


According to workers of human rights organisations in Syria said more than 200 people have died in just a week after the announcement of ceasefire deal.


Samantha Power also said that Russia is not carrying out fight against terrorism instead it is involved in barbarism in Syria.


She said in the security council Russia and Syria have forced war over the anti-government rebels and they might have done war crimes there too.


On the other hand Russia is saying Syrian forces were trying to force out terrorist the terrorists from the city while trying to minimize the damages to the civilians.


Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador did not mention if Russian forces were also present with Syrian forces, however he said it is almost impossible now to create peace in Syria.


He put the blame on rebels for sabotaging the ceasefire agreement.


Samantha Power also said Russia and Assad are engaged in war rather than trying to bring peace, instead of providing aid to the Syrian people they are bombing aid convoys and hospitals.


Many members during the meeting said Russia could considered war criminal regarding the attack on the aid convoy on Monday.


Russia has denied the accusations and said that the trucks were either destroyed by the rebels or by US drones.


Russia has also denied any bombings after the ceasefire agreement.
Do note that Aleppo is a has been a main battle ground during the five year long civil war.

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