Rouhani to Trump: “Not the time to build walls”

Rouhani to Trump: “Not the time to build walls”

Tehran: The president of Iran Hassan Rouhani has condemned Donald Trump’s decisions of building a border wall with Mexico and temporarily banning the entry of citizens of six countries including Iran, he advised Trump that his is not the right time to build walls.

Hassan Rouhani was in Tehran attending a tourism convention, he said: “They have forgotten that the Berlin Wall collapsed many years ago. Even if there are walls between nations, they must be removed.”

This statement has come after US president Donald Trump signed two different executive orders one for the construction of border wall with Mexico and the other for temporary ban on immigration and refugees from six Muslim majority countries.

Although the Iranian president did not made any direct remarks about the visa ban but he did said that Tehran has opened its doors for the world after signing the nuclear agreement in 2015.

According to estimates more than one million Iranians are currently residing in United States and the implications of this temporary visa ban has raised concerns for thousands of families. Citizens of Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen.

Taraneh Alidoosti is a popular Iranian actress, on Thursday she boycotted the Academy Awards next month as a protest to the visa ban.

There have been no diplomatic relations between United States and Iran since 1980 after the US embassy was stormed by Iranian students following the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Citizens from the above mentioned seven countries would not be given visas for the next 90 days, in case desired specifications made by US are not met the ban can extend even further than 90 days.

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