Robots Now capable of writing Poetry, Just like Humans

Robots Now capable of writing Poetry, Just like Humans


U.S.A: The Google robot was having a problem in talking fluently with right pronunciation and correct facial expressions, so to make it a more fluent talker Google gave it thousands of books to read including 300 romantic novels and after reading these books the robot has turned into a poet.


Researchers have presented the robot named AI to the international conference on learning representation and they showed that how 11 thousand unpublished books were taught to  the robot using neural networks and how it was able to reproduce a few sentences like those on its own.


Scientists gave a sentence to the robot and asked him to reproduce sentences with same meaning and they also put a condition that these sentences should rhyme with each other. During these test the robot produced many poems and most of these poems were written in a really sad manner.


This robot can change its facial expressions and it is capable of reading its own poetry with all kinds of emotions.
This artificial intelligent robot of Google not only can read books but it can then talk in reference of these books and it can also write something new on the topics it have read. Scientists believe that if it can learn to write poetry by just reading romantic novels, in future more advancements can be made by making it read science fiction.

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