Relaunch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Delayed

Relaunch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Delayed

Image Credits: GSMAreana

Seoul: The South Korean technological company Samsung has said it has decided to delay the relaunch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


According to Samsung more time is required to call back the 2.5 million smartphones from the market.


The company called back all of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to a fault in the batteries. The batteries of many Galaxy Note 7 smartphones exploded or caught fire during charging and even when it was not connected to a charger.


Samsung has announced this month that Note 7 batteries have the charging capability of 60%.


Now the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be sent for sale in South Korea on September 28, anyhow it is expected that consumers will be able to buy it on October 1.


Samsung stopped the sale of Galaxy Note 7 on September 2 and offered to replace the smartphones that were already sold, the company also advised not to use or charge the Galaxy Note 7.


At least 10 markets were affected due to the calling back of the smartphone, almost 200,000 people have returned the phone in South Korea already.


According to Reuters, after South Korea the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available in Australia and Singapore in October.


In Britain Samsung announced to change the smartphones on September 19, the company said that users should contact their sellers to exchange their smartphones.


Incidents are still being reported where the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up during charging of in general use, the US authorities have warned passengers not to charge or turn on their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.
The timing of this issue is also very critical for Samsung as Apple has just launched their latest model of iPhone, the iPhone 7. Although iPhone has gotten mixed reviews mainly due to the fact that they completely ditched the headphone jack, the fact that their biggest competitor is absent is extremely beneficial for them.

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