Redux: The Device Which Can Repair A Wet Phone Or Tablet

Redux: The Device Which Can Repair A Wet Phone Or Tablet


London/Washington: When smartphones and tablets fell in water people use hair dryers to dry them, or put them in a container with rice or it is put in the oven. But now a company has claimed that their designed device will dry all the humidity from your phone or tablet in just one hour.


This device looks like a lunch box and it has a warm vacuum chamber which can absorb the wetness and humidity very effectively.


In 2011, Joey Trusty the co-founder of the company’s wife washed his smartphone in the washing machine by mistake, Joey built a Redux machine and repared his phone, a few weeks later he had even built the first prototype of the machine.


After that a major mobile service company, Verizon has bought 700 machines and has installed them in 38 major cities.


According to the company this machine can completely absorb water and softdrinks from the phone or tablet, but it has not been able to repair 100% of the phones.


According to estimates it has a 84% of success rate which is quite impressive.


The company has said that as soon as your phone drops in water remove its battery and don’t try to turn it on, if the battery is timely removed from electrical devices it chances of repair are increased considerably.


The vacuum in the machine lowers the boiling point of water turning it into steam without damaging the intricate circuits of the phone.
The company charges $48 for ordinary phones and $86 for smartphones.

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