Qatar airways, became the best economy class airline of 2017

Qatar airways, became the best economy class airline of 2017


London, a survey revealed that, among the airlines providing the maximum facilities in the economy class, Qatar airways was told as the best airline of 2017.

This survey analysed the facilities provided in the most famous airlines at their economy class, this neutral survey also considered the distance between the seats, the charges of getting more space, and the comfort level of the seats as well.

After a complete detailed analysis of the best airlines, Qatar airways finally became the most convenient and the best airline for economy class travelling in the year 2017, the Indian airlines came at number two, Delta airlines at number three, at number four is the Etihad airways, and fifth is the Turkish airlines, according to this survey.

Survey also cleared that the distance between the seats of the Qatar airways is the most as per comparatively, and none of the extra charges has been charged for this, meanwhile the Turkish airlines and the Indian airlines, charge extra for the more gap between the economy class seating.

Skyscanner study survey said that the Turkish Airlines and Air India charges for the extra league room, per centimeter are the least as compared to other airlines, British airways is also working over the decline of the seat distance up to  1 inch, from 30 inches to 29 inches.

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