Poachers killed a Rhino and stole his horn from inside the Paris zoo

Poachers killed a Rhino and stole his horn from inside the Paris zoo


Poachers broke into the Thoiry zoo near Paris and shot a 4-year-old rhinoceros named Vince in the head three times and then used a chainsaw to cut off its horn.

According to the report of Le Parisien the number of poachers are not clear who broke into the enclosure where three rhinos were kept. The killed rhino was a White Rhinoceros and his second horn was also partially cut which indicates that either the poachers ran out of time or their equipment failed.

The other two rhinos 37-year-old Gracie and 5-year-old Bruno are safe and healthy.

The horns of rhinoceros are a sought after commodity in the black market and one horn can fetch upto $36,482. The largest market for these horns is China where it is believed that rhino horns have aphrodisiac qualities.

This is the first case of poaching of captive animals in Europe, normally ivory items are stolen from exhibitions or auction houses. The authorities have launched an investigation and they are currently trying to determine which type of gun was used to kill the rhino.

At least five members of the zoo staff live on the site and the zoo is also filled with security cameras, despite these facts the attack still took place.

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