Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte under investigation over killing claims

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte under investigation over killing claims

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte While addressing a Press conference just after the blast.

The president of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte will be facing an investigation by the Philippines independent human rights watchdog over his claims that during his tenure as the mayor of Davao he personally killed drug suspects.

He has been leading a brutal and deadly anti-drug campaign ever since he became president in May of 2016, Rodrigo Duterte has told BBC just last week that he shot and killed at least three men.

The head of Philippines Commission on Human Rights, Jose Gascon said on Wednesday, “Law enforcement agencies… must investigate as a matter of course any information that suggests that a crime may have been committed with the view to ensuring that perpetrators are ultimately held accountable should the evidence warrant it.”

He further said, “The inquiry would look into the new revelations and public admissions that may shed light on our previous findings”.

Rodrigo Duterte has been constantly accused of encouraging the extra-judicial killings of drug dealers and users at the hands of police, mercenaries and vigilantes, according to estimates by human rights groups almost 6,000 people have been killed uptil now.

He has always been extremely harsh when it comes to suppressing crime, he was accused of hiring death squads even when he was the mayor of Davao a post that he held for nearly twenty years.

In the recent interview to BBC he said: “I killed about three of them… I don’t know how many bullets from my gun went inside their bodies. It happened and I cannot lie about it.”

Rodrigo Duterte also told some businessmen earlier this month that when he was the mayor of Davao in order to motivate the police he used to kill the drug dealers himself showing them if he can do it why can’t they do it.

These comments have further increased the criticism against him and some popular politicians like Senator Leila de Lima are suggesting that this confession can set up the ground for his impeachment.

She is facing a congressional investigation for her alleged links in the drug trade, she has strongly denied these accusations, on Wednesday additional crime charges were filed against her by the government for trying to sabotage the above mentioned investigation.

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