Paris, Champs-Elysees shooting: Gunman killed was ‘focus of anti-terror’

Paris, Champs-Elysees shooting: Gunman killed was ‘focus of anti-terror’

PARIS: A policeman was shot dead and two others were injured in central Paris at Champs-Elysees, on Thursday night in a shooting attack, suspect also was shot dead in the exchange of fire, which is carried out days before presidential elections and quickly claimed by the Islamic State group.

Local media say the 39-year-old attacker lived in the city’s suburbs, and had been seen as a potential Islamist radical.

This happened when an already wanted man under the connections with terror threat during the election days, attacked police officers by opening fire over the French police, which unfortunately killed a French policeman, and two others were shifted to hospitals in wounded conditions.

Suspect of this attack over French police had been preparing for the crime from 15 years, which was linked with ISIS.

The dead French police officer was aged 30, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said. One of the wounded officers was critically injured, he said. A female tourist also got injured by the brutal firing.

This was timed when French presidential elections are coming, and the candidates are engaged in final election campaigns.

French President François Fillon confirmed it as a “Terrorist Attack.”

The attack unfolded on the Champs-Elysees around 9 p.m. local time (3 p.m. ET) when a car stopped in front of a police van, according to French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre Henry Brandet. A man emerged from the car and opened fire on the van with an “automatic weapon,” killing one officer on the spot, Brandet said. The man “then ran away, managing to shoot and wound two other policemen. Other policemen engaged and shot and killed the attacker,” he added.

“The policeman fell down. I heard six shots, I was afraid. I have a two year-old girl and I thought I was going to die… He shot straight at the police officer,” eyewitness Chelloug told media.

“We shall be of the utmost vigilance, especially in relation to the election,” President Hollande said.

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