Paraguay congress building set on fire by violent protesters

Paraguay congress building set on fire by violent protesters


In Paraguay, violent protesters set fire to country’s congress building, protestors was against the bill, which can allow the president to manage a re election in the country. Arrogant protests against the suggested bill, after breaking fence and windows of the congress building these protestors attacked the congress building.

Leader of opposing party said that one of their worker has been shot dead during the protest. As according to the 1992 constitution, that a president could serve for a single five years term only, which was set after a 35 years of imposed dictatorship, but now the current president of the state President Horacio Cartes is trying to change the constitution for participating in next presidential elections, his present government will last in 2018.

As from media coverage, it is much clear that the violent protestors entered the congress building, destroying it and setting it on fire, AFP told that these protestors entered the building and vandalised the offices of supporters of this bill, after which these set fire in congress building, meanwhile police used rubber bullets and water canons against the protesters, after the previous attempt of government for the amendment in constitution, hundreds of people protested on roads.

In a statement released on Twitter, President Cartes appealed the opponents to stay calm, in his Tweet, he said, “Democracy is not conquered or defended with violence and you can be sure this government will continue to put its best effort into maintaining order in the republic,”

The bill must also be approved by both houses of parliament of the chamber of deputies in which President Cartes’ party is in majority. President of the house announced the cancellation of routine meeting on Saturday, he also said that no decision over this issue, can be given right now.

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