Om Puri Forced To Apologize For Speaking In Favor Of Pakistan

Om Puri Forced To Apologize For Speaking In Favor Of Pakistan

Om Puri

New Delhi: During the recent tensions between Pakistan and India, Om Puri was considered to be among those actors who were not only supporting Pakistani actors he was doing this logically too.


However, after his statement on the death of Indian soldier a request was submitted to file a case of high treason against him forcing him to apologise from the people of India.


According to the reports by media reports, Om Puri has started to apologise after the request for filing a case of high treason has been submitted against him.


The actor said that he is extremely ashamed on his statement and I should be punished for the things that I have said.


Om Puri had commented on the death of an Indian soldier in Baramula, he had said, “I did not tell the soldier to join the army”. He said first off I apologise to the family of the deceased soldier, if they forgive me then I apologise from the people of India and the Indian army.


He also said that I realise that it’s not right to first say anything you want to say and later apologise for it.


The actor said I am responsible for all the things that I have said and I deserve strict punishment, I should be humiliated and should be handed over to the military.


Om Puri said the army should train me in using weapons and should send me on the same point where the soldier sacrificed his life for his country, he insisted that he should not be forgiven and he requested that he should be given strict punishment.


Do note that a few days earlier a request was submitted against the actor which said Om Puri spoke in favor of Pakistan and against Indian forces in a program.

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