North Korea test launched third missile in three consecutive weeks

North Korea test launched third missile in three consecutive weeks


North Korea has test fired a short-range ballistic missile, the third successful test launch during last three weeks.

The Scud missile travelled around 450km (280 miles) before falling into Japanese sea, for which Japan strongly condemned the act saying that this test fired missile landed at there economic zone. Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters that the missile landed in an area between Japan’s Sado and Oki islands, in their exclusive economic zone.

As North Korea is continuously violating the UN laws by the consecutive nuclear missile testings, and the international pressure against these warheads development of the country, which the arrogant north Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not taking.

North Korea has a large stockpile of short-range Scud missiles developed by the Soviet Union. Necessary changes were made to bring these to the Modified versions of the Scud missiles that is having an extended range of up to 1,000km. The previous two launches were of medium to long range missiles, regarding which the North Korea claimed as “successful” tests.

The first of those launches was hailed by Pyongyang as a new type of rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead – it was a demonstration of the North’s longest-range nuclear-capable weapon yet.

North Korea is already having around thousand various ballistic missiles which also includes the mid range and the long range targeting missiles which could also target US in near future according to North Korea’s, recent missile test by North Korea were the mid range missiles.

Regarding the recent missile test North Korea stated that this missile is capable for carrying the nuclear warheads. Regarding this the Joint Chief of Staff of South Korea said that this North Korean missile traveled 500 Km into Japanese sea, meanwhile he added that the previous missile tested by the country travelled around 700 Km distance.

North Korea despite the US pressure had done several missile tests in this month, and it also warned about the sixth upcoming nuclear test by North Korea.

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