North Korea announces Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Test

North Korea announces Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Test

Pyongyang: The leader of North Korea Kim Jong has claimed that his country is in the last phase of developing intercontinental ballistic missiles and very soon it will conduct tests for the long range ballistic missiles.

Kim Jong made this announcement during his new year message in North Korea, he has claimed that his country’s intercontinental ballistic missile program is near completion. He also said that these missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads and testing will begin soon.

During a televised speech he said: “Research and development of cutting edge arms equipment is actively progressing and ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) rocket test launch preparation is in its last stage.”

North Korea had claimed to carry out successful nuclear tests last year, the nuclear tests had caused a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in South Korea. North Korea has also successfully carried out Hydrogen bomb tests in the past.

North Korea has carried out these weapons test despite the restrictions imposed by the United Nations and not just that North Korea has threatened to use nuclear weapons against United States and other countries.

According to South Korea the nuclear bomb tested by North Korea in 2016 has he yield of 10 kilotones, however, other experts have said that it had a yield of 20 kilotons.

According to political experts Kim Jong was not just speaking to his own people he was also addressing international powers specially the United States. It is yet to be seen how the Donald Trump administration will handle North Korea.

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