Nokia unveiled, updated 3310 in 2017

Nokia unveiled, updated 3310 in 2017

Nokia a well known brand, few years back before the arrival of Android, Nokia enjoyed a sort of monopoly in the mobile phone manufacturing market Globally. One of the most famous model of phones in that era, was the one and only Nokia 3310 phone, after several years in a modern technology age, the year 2017, Nokia decided to relaunch the same phone model as an updated version of it.

The updated version of the world famous Nokia 3310 is having a price of £41 only, this demanding phone will be released for sale later this year, This updated version unlike the old one, has a lengthy battery timings, as its efficient battery over a standby mode can even lasts a month.

Company relaunched the Nokia 3310 in Spain, at an event. The manufacturer’s released this most popular model after 16 years, as the previous oldschool model was released in year 2000, till 2005.

Nokia 3310 had a very good reputation, due to its uninterrupted longer battery timing, and the most famous Snake game in this phone, this super model had a sale of 126 million.

Its price is also nominal as it costs only £41, this will be hope fully released in the second half of this year, it will have an updated battery, with the superb timing of around ten days in normal using, and at standby it can last for a month, standby means that it won’t be used unnecessarily, only call and messages can receive for a month, is amazing, talk time will be around 22 hours, hence the updated battery is a way better than the original model had.

And the users of the original model definitely remember the Snake game which is still in the updated version, USB can be attached to the phone for basic internet uses, but no WiFi in it.

HMD Global, the Nokia said that this is made to be the second “burner” phone, only meant to make call and texting.

The updated version will be available in several colors, navy blue, grey, yellow, and red, for a preferable selection. This version is colored screen, a bit slimmer than the original one.

Except this a range of several other smartphones was also introduced by the company, Nokia 6, which is a month back released in China, limited edition gloss version called the Arte Black, new Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, these are mostly the mid range efficient phones made by Nokia, for its successful come back in the market, as it focused mainly over the economical prices and maintaining the quality standards as well.

The actual release dates of these up coming Nokia models will be announced till June, HMD Global chief executive Arto Nummela said: “Nokia has been one of the most iconic and recognisable phone brands globally for decades.
“In the short time since HMD was launched into the market, the positive reception we’ve had has been overwhelming; it seems everyone shares our excitement for this next chapter.”
Now a days unlike the past, Nokia has to compete the leading brands of this age, as Samsung and Apple are mostly capturing the market.

Nokia had a sale of $7 billion in the year 2014, which were the window phones in the Android market powered by Microsoft.
HMD, a new formed company months back, owned by the ex-Nokia leaders, and the Foxconn a mega Chinese company, restarted the Nokia feature phones business.

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