Nokia ready to make a huge comeback in Smartphone Market

Nokia ready to make a huge comeback in Smartphone Market


Hellsinki: The world renowned mobile phone company Nokia has announced that it will release its next smartphone in 2017.

Nokia had an agreement in 2014 which bound Nokia from releasing a new smartphone for two years, this is why the name of Nokia Lumia series was changed to Microsoft Lumia.

Experts from the smartphone industry are saying that this agreement was not profitable for any of the organisations because Microsoft continued to use Windows 8 in their smartphones which is basically an operating system designed for desktop computers.

Only after different modifications it was made possible for Windows 8 to run both on desktop computers and mobile but the result was not that good.

On the other hand Nokia had its hand tied due to this agreement and it was forced to sell only its previous models which were less in demand, however the launching of a new smartphone by Nokia next year is good news and consumers will be waiting to see what Nokia has to offer that is different from the available smartphones in the market today.

According to reports Nokia will launch the new smartphone in February 2017 in the international ‘Mobile World Conference’ and it will be available to the consumers in April 2017.

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