No evidence to prove Orlando attackers links with ISIS: Barack Obama

No evidence to prove Orlando attackers links with ISIS: Barack Obama


Washington D.C: The US president Barack Obama said that there is no evidence to link the attacker of the Orlando LGBT nightclub and ISIS.


According to the foreign news agency the director  FBI James Comey gave his briefing to president Barack Obama, the president then talked to the media saying that the attacker Umar Mateen was inspired by extremist literature available on the internet.


He said “If we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult to find ahead of time, and, how easy it is for them to find weapons is, in some cases, going to make a difference as to whether they are going to be able to carry out attacks like this,”


He further added that at this time we have no evidence that Umar Mateen was having instructions from outside or he was connected with ISIS, he did announced his affiliation with ISIS by a phone call to the local police.


The US president has declared it as homegrown extremism and said that the US authorities were having concerns on this matter for quite some time however this incident is similar to the incident that happened in San Bernardino, California last year but we still don’t have complete information about Orlando incident.


On the other hand the the director of Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey said that initial information shows that not only Umar Mateen was affiliated with ISIS he was also a supporter of the suspects responsible for Boston Marathon. He said


“strong indications of radicalization by this killer, and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations”.


He further said that Umar Mateen was an extremist and he swore allegiance to Al-Qaeda and HizbUllah in 2013 however when interrogated he said that he made those statements out of anger because his family and friends were discriminated because for being muslim.
Do note that FBI had interrogated Uamr Mateen in 2012 and 2013 but he was released due to lack of any evidence against him.

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