Niger Bans Export Of Donkeys

Niger Bans Export Of Donkeys


Niamey: The African country Niger has banned the export of donkeys due to the increased demand locally.


According to a government official if the export of donkeys is not stopped the country’s donkey population will reduce severely.


China is a huge importer of donkey skins, it is used to make numerous medicines and beauty creams.


Niger’s neighbouring country Burkina Faso also put a ban on donkey export in August as it was facing the same problems.


The minister of livestock in Niger told media that this year more than 80,000 donkeys have been exported and last year this number was 27,000.


The government has also prohibited the slaying of donkeys for food purposes.


According to reports from the capital Niamey this business has become so lucrative these days that people are leaving other business to start donkey farms.


Now the price of a single donkey has increased to $100 which was just $34 dollars a little while ago.


In the past few years the neighbouring country of Burkina Faso has seen a rise in the price of donkey hides where the price of a single hide has risen from $4 to $50 each.


Both countries use donkeys as an animal of labor however some tribes also use donkey meat as food also.


This ban on export has been jointly advised by the agriculture ministry, foreign ministry, interior ministry and treasury department of Niger.


The gelatin acquired from donkey hide is used in energy drinks in China and it is believed that it helps in blood circulation and improves the immunity system.


It is considered one of three treasure foods in China including Ginseng and the horns of young deers, it is also eaten with dry fruits.


Chinese people use a lot of animal parts in traditional medicine and such things are also given as gifts.

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