New headphones can observe emotions, and improves brain efficiency

New headphones can observe emotions, and improves brain efficiency


San Francisco, a U.S company made a headphone that can analyse the user’s mind and can also improve evolution and performance of brain. This brilliant headphone is named as “Mind Set”, manufacturing company also claimed that this latest headphone can improve the mental conditions.

This headphone can observe the emotions inside the mind of the user by the help of the EEG technology, due to which company said that the user turns towards a better metal condition, and this as help to avoid harmful habits as well.

There are five sensors of EEG installed in the modern headphone, EEG technology has been used from 50 years for analysing human brain activities, Kickstarter company said that these headphones can observe the Epilepsy symptoms, and any injury inside the brain, and it also makes mind conditions better for the space ship workers, or even the players.

This superb headphone is told, capable for making the human mind focus better by a gradual therapy by its regular use, and it can observe all sort of emotions inside the user’s mind, after even hour of it’s use the metal conditions remains better, it was tested over several people before this announcement company told, this amazing headphone will be released for sale in coming December 2017.

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