NATO concerned about ‘obsolete’ remark by Donald Trump, says Germany

NATO concerned about ‘obsolete’ remark by Donald Trump, says Germany

Berlin: The United States president-elect’s remark on Monday that NATO has become obsolete has created concerns among the 28 member countries of the alliance according the German Foreign Ministry.

Reuters quoted the German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who said: “I’ve spoken today not only with EU foreign ministers but NATO foreign ministers as well and can report that the signals are that there’s been no easing of tensions.”

He further said: “Obviously the comments from President-elect Trump, that he views NATO as obsolete, were viewed with anxiety.”

He was talking to reporters after his meeting with General Jens Stoltenberg the Secretary General of NATO in Brussels.

The head of Germany’s foreign affairs committee told Reuters: “Europe is not able to replace the security role of the United States so there is a lot at stake – the very foundations of liberal order internationally and European security. And for that we should fight because it is our very existential interest,”

Donald Trump explained that NATO has become obsolete as it has not been successful in defending against terrorism, he has also criticised the fact that only five countries pay for NATO and all members should  pay their share.

However, he did say that he still thinks NATO is very important.

The US president-elect also said although he has great respect for the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel but she made a “catastrophic mistake” when she decided to let almost 1 million immigrants in.

Russia has constantly called NATO a hostile remnant of the Cold War and have welcomed Donald Trump’s comments of NATO being obsolete.

But, the German officials are hopeful that the United States Congress will not allow Donald Trump to depart with NATO or to give up the leadership role.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State of United States has also deemed Donald Trump’s remarks as inappropriate, he said: “He will have to speak to that, as of Friday he is responsible for that relationship.”

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