National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua says Pakistan suffered a lot in War Against Terrorism

National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua says Pakistan suffered a lot in War Against Terrorism


National Security Advisor of Pakistan Nasir Janjua said that being a nation we should select the right direction for us, he told at this time most necessary is to gather the dispersed thoughts of a single nation.

National Security Advisor Gen (R) Nasir Khan Janjua said the United States is a superpower only because of Pakistan’s sacrifices. He also said that Pakistan faced so many wounds during the war against terrorism.

He reminded that, at the time if Pakistan provide a trade route to Russians than it would be in Afghanistan till yet the Soviet invasion, by a support of Pakistan to Afghanistan it became possible to make Russians return, and that brought a position for the US to become a superpower.

“If Pakistan did not stand against Russia, would Afghanistan still exist?” he asked, regarding the worse  “critical situation.” at the Pak-Afghan border, he said.

During his address he said that this is much wrong to blame Pakistan for supporting the militant troops, Taliban, “It is said Pakistan is supporting Taliban. If that is true then why are Pakistani Taliban fighting a war against us?”

After the Russian expel from the country a gap was left in Afghanistan from where 9.11 occurred, he asked that the political no- involvement of Taliban was our fault? He added that Pakistan suffered the most in this whole story, in a war which was not even its own. This war against Talibani terrorism gave numerous wounds to us.

Talking about the former COAS of Pakistan, Gen (r) Raheel Sharif’s, about his new appointment Nasir said, appointment in the Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance, “The former COAS is not going as a Sunni army chief. He has good relations with Iran too,” he said.

For peace in the region Pakistan is always willing to support all states in the region to maintain the peace , he exampled that, “Pakistan has invited India in CPEC as well.”

Nasir Janjua told that pakistan has sheltered around 3 million Afghan migrants, Pak-Afghan border is 2611 Km long, the highest point in this border is about 24 thousand feet high, he told that the illegal traveling between the two countries is highly possible due to the lengthy and unceased border among these.

He told these Talibans in Pakistan are fighting against us because we are not providing our land for the terrorist activities to the Afghan Taliban’s. And west says that Pakistan supports the Taliban which is totally false.

National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua said, that economy and national security are both the sides of a single coins, both are dependent over each other, and none of these could be prefered over the other, he said that securing the borders is part of national security, and political stability ensures national security, he said.

Nasir Janjua further said, he asked that what state is providing to its public in Pakistan, and whether our justice secure public, if the residents of a country are not secure by life and by financially ways, along the respect of every citizen of the state, than a country is not safe.

He said that being a nation we should decide our right direction which is the core requirement of this time, he said all dispersed thinkings in our nation should come to a single base for our national interests.

He added that without following the latest international trendings and changes occurring globally, we cannot compete with the outer world and the cyber data of our country should also be much secured that no information could leak, which may used against our national interests.

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