NASA completed its most advanced telescope after 20 years

NASA completed its most advanced telescope after 20 years

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It took more than 20 years to complete the telescope. Huge mirrors used in the machine will manage to handle infrared light and squint further more into the space than any other competitor, even more efficient than the Hubble space telescope, JWST claimed.

“Today, we’re celebrating the fact that our telescope is finished, and we’re about to prove that it works,” senior project scientist John Mather told, at NASA Goddard Space Center Maryland. “We’ve done two decades of innovation and hard work, and this is the result, we’re opening up a whole new territory of astronomy.”

“Some of you that have followed JWST know that it almost didn’t happen, and it’s mainly because of the people that are sitting here, able to talk to you today, that we’re all here and within two years of launch,” NASA administrator Charles Bolden said in a NASA press conference.

“It’s critically important to get it right here on the ground, and that’s the purpose for the tests that we’re doing here and, most importantly, for the tests when we get it down to Johnson (Space Center) in Chamber A, the big vacuum chamber,” further he told,

“(We need to)” make sure it can, in fact, be focused, so that we don’t find, as we did with Hubble, that we don’t have the ability to do what we thought it was going to be able to do,” he said. The JWST is equipped by such rotating mirrors that can be adjusted without the need for installing a corrective lens.

This new telescope will collect data for five years, having enough fuel for 10 years. It is expected to complete the projected lifespan. However, After its launch, scientists will have to wait for six months before it starts providing data.

No doubt, the Hubble telescope has given us bulky data which helped scientists in many ways. The size of its mirror panels is seven times that of the Hubble telescope. Other main improvement in its is the ability to collect infrared light. Hubble was incapable to handle heat from Earth and Sun.

Meanwhile JWST is engaged in managing the temperature near absolute zero and sun shield to shutter it from infrared light while not in use. It will be released soon into the orbit called Lagrangian Point 2, at the point where the Earth will be directly between the telescope and the Sun in all times.

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