Multiple attacks claimed by Taliban in Afghan capital Kabul

Multiple attacks claimed by Taliban in Afghan capital Kabul

Kabul: The Taliban have claimed that they have attacked several targets in the Afghan capital including intelligence agencies, military and the police, government officials have confirmed that at least two areas of Kabul were attacked.

Security forces and an unknown number of attackers clashed in the western part of Kabul, a loud explosion was also heared before the shooting began. Apparently the district police headquarters located nearby was the target of the attackers.

According to one of the police officials a military training school was also located in the area, at least one of the attackers barricaded himself inside the police headquarters.

In another attack an office of the National Directorate for Security of Afghanistan was targeted which is located at the southern part of the capital, however, security forces quickly responded and suppressed the attack.

Abdul Nasir Ziaee, the commander of 111th corps said: “Two terrorists entered a building. One blew himself up and the second was shot by Afghan security forces.”

Despite the official reports the Taliban still claimed that heavy damages were inflicted and there were a lot of casualties. But according to the officials of public health ministry the attack on NDS killed one person while a total of 35 people have been injured which were transferred to different hospitals in Kabul.

The Taliban are fighting to expel the foreign forces from Afghanistan since 2001, the Taliban often announce a spring offensive and these attacks seem to be signaling towards this offensive. Ever since 2014 when the NATO led combat mission ended, the Afghan forces are having extreme difficulties in handling the Taliban.

The United States has estimated that currently the Afghan government controls less than 60% of the country despite having control of all main provincial centers.

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