Mobile phones have caused an increase in pedestrian deaths

Mobile phones have caused an increase in pedestrian deaths

A research in United States has shown that a major reason for the increase in pedestrian deaths is mobile phone usage by the drivers or the pedestrians themselves.

The research was done by U.S Governors Highway Safety Association and it has revealed that almost 6,000 people died in America while they were walking. This is the largest number of pedestrian deaths in the last 20 years.

Fatal traffic accidents have quadrupled during the last six months.

According to the report mobile phone use is one of the largest factors responsible for these deaths, the report also says that the increase in pedestrian deaths could be linked with the use of mobile phones by people while they are walking or crossing the road. Mobile phones can create diversions for both drivers and pedestrians.

Other factors include driving for longer periods of time, lower prices of petrol, over exercising and even climatic reasons. Alcohol is another major factor and the report found out that at least 34% pedestrians and 15% drivers were intoxicated at the time of accident.

This report has been compiled on the basis of data gathered from all the states during the first six months of 2016.

On the other hand the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents of Britain has also said that mobile phones can create diversions which can be dangerous and even fatal. The Road Safety Manager, Nick Lloyd said:

“More and more people are getting themselves injured by using their phones while crossing the road, they are either texting, listening to music or using the internet.

Cities across the world have taken different steps in regards with mobile phones, a German city has put red and green lights on the road to warn people who refuse to stop using their phones.

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