Mexico warns US against unilateral tax for border wall funding

Mexico warns US against unilateral tax for border wall funding

The Mexican government has warned United States that if any unilateral taxes are imposed on the its exports in order to fund the border wall then Mexico will also respond in kind.

Luis Videgaray, the foreign minister of Mexico said that they a tariff could be placed on US goods which rely on its export to Mexico. During a radio interview on Friday Luis Videgaray said that we believe in free trade, however, if US tried to impose tax for finance the border wall, Mexico “would have to respond.”

He further said: “What we cannot do is remain with our arms crossed. Mexico will face this as a reality and not just as a rhetorical threat because we have realised that rhetorical threats come and go.”

Last month the president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto cancelled his trip to United States due to this dispute, he has constantly said that Mexico will not pay for the border wall.

United States president Donald Trump haas earlier vowed that the construction of the wall be begin soon and it will be finished ahead of schedule. During his address at the Conservative Political Action Congress (CPAC) in Maryland he said:

“We’re building the wall. In fact it’s going to start very soon. Way ahead of schedule, it’s way, way, way ahead of schedule.”

Design proposals for the wall will be accepted from next month, according to the US Border Protection Agency companies will be asked to submit proposals and prototypes after March 6. Bidders will asked about the cost of their ideas after March 20 once the best designs would have been short listed.

Reuters have cited an internal report of Department of Homeland Security which says that the border wall will cost up to $21.5 billion and Trump has said that Mexico will pay for it. Keep in mind that this cost is almost double the amount estimated by Trump which was $12 billion.


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